Saturday, June 22nd
11:30 am – 2:30 pm
Bronson Park (at the end of Canyon Drive) across from the playground

Kids games and entertainment – Great picnic food and desserts – Bouncy Bounce – Arts & Crafts – Meet new neighbors and connect with old friends.

FREE for or HOA Members Only. Not a current member? Join at the picnic! Annual dues are only $45 per family.

We look forward to seeing you there!


Things have been busy on the Griffith Park front.  From No Smoking signs, to Next Steps on the Dixon Report and a Legal Appeal on the Beachwood Gate issue here’s what is happening.

No Smoking Signs Added

Following two significant brush fires in Western Canyon just to our east this past summer, Rec and Parks has answered our urgent requests for additional signage to remind smokers not to light up near vulnerable native habitat. The new signs announce a fine of up to $1,000. Friendlier Smokey the Bear signs have also been erected recently.

Dixon Strategies Go to the Next Step

Twenty-two strategies from the Dixon Report were approved by City Council as being “feasible,” making them eligible for further interdepartmental review and study. Some of these strategies would have significant impacts on life in the Oaks community:

• An electric shuttle may operate to move passengers from the Metro Red Line to the Hollyridge Trail at the top of Beachwood Drive, traveling through the quarter-million-dollar public-funded electric gate which is currently being used only by Sunset Ranch. An environmental assessment will be initiated as a first step. The shuttle could either be city or vendor-operated.

• A continuous sidewalk along the north end of Canyon Drive to connect with Bronson Canyon Park will receive cost estimates and a timeline for completion. There’s hope that a pedestrian entrance can be engineered around the east side of the historic rock pillars at the entrance gate. Oaks Homeowners has specifically asked for a permeable pathway for the portion inside the park continuing to the first parking lot.
• The city will conduct parking occupancy studies in Bronson Canyon Park, as well as other areas, for possible paid parking or time-restricted parking. As we know, the consequences of this could be far-reaching for nearby residents. Stay tuned.
• An aerial tram — various renditions from both the private sector and the city having already been reported in the press — will be assessed for feasibility. So far, only vague concepts have been floated, with few details regarding origination and termination.

Noticeably absent from the list of strategies making the final cut is the “Alternate Access Plan,” a simple pathway allowing pedestrians to bypass the locked Beachwood Gate and walk easily up to the Hollyridge Trail. The plan was both snubbed and falsely discredited during the process. This viable strategy clearly had support from a large majority of area residents and also from Hollywood United Neighborhood Council, HOAs and other organizations. This leads us to the next topic: legal action.

Legal Appeal Filed

After Superior Court Judge Chalfant rejected legal arguments regarding the improper closure of Beachwood Gate in April of 2017, Oaks HOA joined non-profits Friends of Griffith Park and the Griffith Trust in an appeal of that decision. The appeal focuses on city staff’s operational authority, short of a public process involving the Recreation and Park Commission, to permanently close Beachwood Canyon to pedestrian access. A trial is expected sometime well into 2019.


Remi Kessler, filmmaker and long-time resident of the Oaks has made a film about homelessness. But not the one you expect. Instead of focusing only on the seemingly hopeless situation of so many of the homeless, The Advocates documents the lives of three people who’ve devoted their energy to helping people caught in the experience of life on the streets. We confront the unsettling world of homelessness as experienced by these three fierce proponents of social justice who believe that, to some degree, solving homelessness is actually possible. Though certainly an arduous process, this transformative work can happen when the right resources, skills, and compassion are applied.

The Advocates premiered last month at the LA Film Festival and opened for a limited release in Laemmle Theaters all over Los Angeles and the Valley.

As Remi explains, nearly 54,000 people are sleeping without a roof over their heads on any given night in Los Angeles. His film provides a sweeping look at the history and causes of LA’s current crisis and an intimate view of the tireless efforts of social workers who strive to create better lives for those living without shelter. As the policy landscape changes with the passages of Propositions H and HHH, this revelatory film demonstrates the singular role played by three individuals who pull at our hearts with their integrity and dedication.

It’s a story that is still evolving in our city and Rémi continues to film and be involved with the organizations he follows in The Advocates. We are so very proud to have such an accomplished and dedicated neighbor and encourage you to see the film. You can find out more about it at: AdvocatesFilm


As many of you are aware, the Oaks neighborhood now has a security patrol service.

This past spring, In response to homeowners’ increased security concerns and widespread interest in some sort of regular patrol, a committee of residents – Hadley Rierson, Zoe Bannon, and Mark Harrison – began to research what patrol services other LA neighborhoods have engaged to reduce criminal activity. The committee interviewed four leading security companies, all of which work in our area. ACS, a local company that has provided such services for over thirty years, submitted the proposal the committee judged to be most advantageous to residents in terms of level of service and cost.

The ACS proposal calls for households to sign up for the new patrol service at a cost of $75 per month. As of this writing we have 157 homes signed up and 16 hours of patrol, so you should be seeing those yellow patrol cars quite often!  When 200 homes participate, there will be a 24-hour dedicated patrol car in the Oaks.

Here are the details for the service:

• The cost to each homeowner is $75 per month. There is no long-term contract and there is no need to change your existing alarm service. But you must sign up for the service in order to be able to call for patrol response.
• The current sixteen hours of patrol are divided and randomized throughout the day and night so potential perpetrators cannot predict when the area will be patrolled.
• While the hours of 1:00 AM to 9:00 AM don’t have dedicated patrol at this time, ACS will still respond to any direct assistance calls or alarm activations from members during these hours.
• The patrol service includes armed response; calls for assistance (ACS sends a guard if you feel uncomfortable or see suspicious activity); vacation watch (armed guard checks the property / takes mail & newspapers out of view); and escorting (ACS guard waits for you at your home).

If you’re interested in signing on (or simply wish to ask questions about the service) please contact: Eino Hill, ACS Sr. Account Manager at 310-903-8649 or email ehill@acssecurity.

You do not have to be a member of the Oaks Homeowners Association to take advantage of this patrol service. You should also know that neither the OHA nor its board members receive any advantage or remuneration from ACS. The OHA is not in any way affiliated with ACS.


They are finally here! Our wonderfully talented neighbor Geoff McFetridge has designed a unique and charming license plate frame just for the Oaks HOA. Geoff is a renowned artist and these very limited edition frames may become collectors items someday.

You can own one (or more) of these license frames just by making a contribution to the Oaks Homeowners Association. The frames are now being offered as a premium gift for a donation of $100 or more to the HOA – which includes your $45 annual dues. See the remit envelope that’s included in this newsletter. Additional frames (after the $100 donation) are available for $55 each.

Geoff McFetridge is a long-time Oaks resident and a multidisciplinary artist. Displaying his gifts as both an art director and a graphic designer, Geoff’s work is enriched by his creative diversity. His paintings are layers of crisp color and clean lines expertly composed. Silhouettes of subjects in scenes both playful and everyday are a signature element of his art, and our license frame reflects this charming philosophy.

You can see more of Geoff’s work on his Instagram @mcfetridge or on Artsy at We are so grateful to Geoff for creating these very special frames and we expect our limited supply to go quickly! Please consider donating to the Oaks Homeowners Association at the $100 level or more to receive your special license plate frame.

Saturday, May 4th, 2019
1pm – 5pm

The Oaks Homeowners Association is pleased to present our 4th Annual Home Tour and Wine Tasting Fundraiser.

Tour one of the most famous homes in all of Los Angeles. Designed in 1950 by master architect John Lautner for industrialists and inventor Leo Harvey, the home has breathtaking 270-degree views and is an excellent example of the organic influenced mid-century modern architecture that Lautner was celebrated for.

You’ll enjoy a wonderful afternoon exploring the home, chatting with friends and neighbors, and tasting delicious wine and cheese.

Tickets are $60 per person, or $100 per couple and include a docent led tour, wine tasting, and light snacks.

Availability is limited. For any questions or to purchase tickets, contact Sheri Hellard at, or you may purchase tickets online below.

This is an adult only event.  No children, please.

Tour and Wine for how many?

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