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Oaks News Archive 2006
Wishing our Firefighters Happy Holidays

On Christmas Eve Oaks Boardmember Alexander Von Wechmar and Oaks President Gerry Hans deliver a token of our appreciation to our firefighters at Fire Station 82 on Bronson Ave. The Yule Log from Victor's Bakery has almost become an Oaks tradition.

The Oaks Holiday Party on December 19th was quite a success. Read more a bout it and see the pictures here.

Thanks to information provided by observant neighbors, we have learned that Sprint is planning to expand their cell phone footprint in our neighborhood by installing a new transmitter on a public "right-of-way" in the 5700 block of Green Oak Drive.

Just like the new T-Mobile and Cingular Wireless cell sites on Canyon Drive, the work is being done without prior notification of nearby homeowners or the office of our Councilmember Tom LaBonge and - from what we know so far - without obtaining any City permits. ... [continued here]
New Cellular Phone Transmitters on Canyon Drive

Press conference at the site of the T-Mobile installation on Canyon Drive on Oct. 6: Councilmembers Tom LaBonge and Janice Hahn flank Oaks neighbor Sylvia Jacobson, as Oaks booardmember Alexander von Wechmar looks on.

In an effort to expand their coverage area, T-Mobile and Cingular Wireless have erected two new cell phone transmitters along the 2300 and 2400 blocks of Canyon Drive.  Reception of their signals will, however, be limited to Bronson Canyon and not be available in upper hillside areas such as The Oaks.

But that's not the only bad news. Mounted on monstrous 50-foot poles, with ugly antennas on top and unsightly cabinets and pipes attached to them, the new cell sites are true eyesores in our neighborhood. ... [continued here]

Courtesy of our L.A. City Councilperson Tom LaBonge, the Oaks membership is invited to a Sneak Preview of the newly renovated Griffith Observatory on Saturday, October 14th, from 2 to 5 p.m.. If you have paid your membership dues this year, look for your invitation post card to arrive in the mail soon. Or just send an email to Don't forget to tell us your full name and how many people there will be in your party. Not a current member? Read on.  ... [continued here]
Lately our quiet Oaks neighborhood has become a noisier place. Increased construction and remodeling activity, due to the hot real estate market we have had for a while now, seem to be the biggest contributors to this phenomenon. As I am writing this, some drilling for caissons is going on, a radio is playing, a chainsaw is running, a jackhammer is banging on rock somewhere, and a circular saw is whining, all within earshot, and all at the same time. ... [continued here]
It helps to speak up. Obviously because of the many phone calls you made and because of the many emails you sent we have received a promise to attack causes for the recent power outages and to update the electrical system in the Oaks.

According to a letter from the DWP's Chief Operating Officer - Power System, Enrique Martinez, the DWP plans to start work by year's end.

View this letter here, and view a map that outlines the project here. ... [continued here]
Repeated Power Outages Raise Concerns
Power outages occur on a regular basis in the Oaks. Usually during the first good rain of the season we spend a couple of hours in the dark. But now, those outages have become a lot more frequent, and one can't help but wondering if we are going through a fundamental failure of an aging and overloaded part of the DWP's power grid  ... [continued here]
Oaks Summer Picnic '06

The Oaks' annual Summer Picnic was held on June 17th in Bronson Park.  ... [continued here]
Wednesday, June 28 Meeting about Possible Temporary Preferential Parking District around Fern Dell
The re-opening of Griffith Park Observatory may create a parking problem for Oaks residents around Fern Dell. If you live in one of the two possible temporary preferential parking districts (as listed below), your input is needed. The following is an invitation to a meeting dealing with this issue.  ... [continued here]
Many Oaks residents have grown concerned over the last five years by the increased construction of large-scale homes on small hillside lots here in The Oaks. This development has occurred as home prices have rapidly shot upward and the supply of developable land has diminished. The result has been that smaller one-story houses have been demolished and replaced by much larger new homes that crowd their lots and alter the density of homes in our neighborhood. ... [continued here]
The Oaks Homeowners Association has been hearing from a great many neighbors who are asking about recent development on Green Oak Drive and how it will affect brush clearance from the rear of homes on both north and south sides of the street as well as Griffith Park access for walkers and hikers from the end of the street. ... [continued here]
March 2006
Maybe you have heard about the proposed development of 4 large houses at 2245 - 2265 Live Oak East between Black Oak and Red Oak. You might even have read about it on this site. The interview below is intended to serve two purposes. The first one is to inform you about the permit process as it is unfolding.And the second purpose is to convey the Oaks HOA board's position on the matter to everyone in the Oaks. ... [continued here]
Favorable vote for the traffic circle project at Bronson Ave & Canyon Dr Traffic Circle
On May 23rd the Neighborhood and Environment Committee of the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council (HUNC) met to discuss the traffic circle. About 26 people from the neighborhood attended.
Oaks boardmembers Alexander von Wechmar and Gerry Hans presented the proposed traffic circle to a largely receptive crowd. They explained that there will be one single, circular lane of traffic, and that there will be stop signs at all entrances to the traffic circle. Once a driver has entered the lane around the circle, everyone else will yield. ... [continued here]
April 2006
Anyone who has ever driven up Bronson Canyon into the Oaks will have been wondering about the three-way intersection of Bronson Avenue and Canyon Drive. This intersection is confusing, potentially hazardous and certainly ugly. On top of everything else, it is conducive to speeding. In June 2004, the Oaks Homeowners Association Board began to search for ways to improve, beautify and re-design the intersection. ... [continued here]

Oaks Fundraiser Night at the Vermont Restaurant - another success
Los Feliz Oaks Board members once again pulled off a great show of teamwork as they worked the tables at dinner at Vermont Restaurant on Vermont on Tuesday, April 18th. Thanks to co-owner Manuel and chief cashier Eric, we honed our skills as waiters and waitresses: ... [continued here]

April 2006

Fern Dell Cleanup

Fern Dell cleanup on April 8th. Having painted benches for a couple of hours, a slice of pizza is especially good.

March 2006
Live Oaks East – Four mansions to be dug deep into the hillside?

Maybe you have heard about the proposed development of 4 large houses at 2245 - 2265 Live Oak East between Black Oak and Red Oak. You might even have read about it on this site. The interview below is intended to serve two purposes. The first one is to inform you about the permit process as it is unfolding.And the second purpose is to convey the Oaks HOA board's position on the matter to everyone in the Oaks. ... [continued here]


Update on 4-Home-Development on Live Oak East

The Haul Route Hearing was held on Tuesday, February 14th for the development of 4 large houses at 2245 - 2265 Live Oak East before the City of Los Angeles' Board of Building and Safety Commissioners. The staff recommendation was that the board hold the application in abeyance and the project be passed off to the Planning Department for an environmental review. A time-frame for this review was unclear.

The Board voted and agreed, a very favorable outcome. The main sticking point seemed to be the presence of the oak trees, even though there are many more issues that the environmental review will need to answer. By this action it seems that Board is agreeing that California's Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) applies to this project. This is good news.

More than twenty Oaks residents attended the hearing, and their presence was critical. It was important for the LADBS (the City Department for Building and Safety), Council member LaBonges office, and the developers representatives to see that there is broad opposition to the development, and that it is organized. The goal is to force the City to make sure this development complies with CEQA (State environmental law) and all City laws and procedures.

Our neighborhood owes thanks to the "Oaks Alliance", a group of residents that are funding the legal aspects of the opposition. If anyone would like to financially support their initiative, please contact Wayne Schlock, at

In the future there will most certainly be more occasions where the Oaks will need to show strength in opposing this Live Oaks East development that is not compatible with our community or does not comply with the written law. We hope that we can count on your continued support.

(Photos of the site are available here.)

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Haul Route Hearing for the 4-Home-Development on Live Oak East

The City of L.A.'s Board of Building and Safety Commissioners will hold a public hearing regarding a developers' application for extensive excavation and removal over 15,000 cu yds of earth from vacant land on at 2245- 2265 Live Oak East Drive. (To view an exact map of the lots, use The City of Los Angeles' Zone Information & Map Access System (ZIMAS).)

This hearing is the first step in part of a potential development of 4 very large houses ranging from 4,000 to 7,000 sq ft on little more than an acre of land. All of the existing Oaks and Walnut trees will be cut down. The owner is claiming that they are categorically exempt from the state's Environmental Quality Act, and that the site contains no native trees. (View some photos of what's actually there here.)

Please attend this hearing and join the Oaks Alliance, a group of concerned neighbors, in expressing our opposition to this destructive development! Your physical presence is important!
Where: 201 North Fiqueroa, Room 900, 9th floor
When: Tuesday, February 14th, 9:30 AM
(The Hearing Notice is available as .pdf for download here.)

Please Note:

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