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Oaks Architectural Tour Oaks Halloween 2014

Friday, October 31st from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.

Ghosts, goblins, pirates, princesses and all are invited to begin the Halloween Walk at the intersection of Alto Oak and Hill Oak. A table of holiday treats and beverages marks the meeting spot. Trick or Treating will be better than ever and the walk ends at Spring Oak and Park Oak Drive.

Park Oak Drive will be closed to traffic from the intersection of Spring Oak Drive to the 5 corners from 6pm to 9pm. Should you need to drive in or out of your house during that time, we ask that you please park your car on Canyon Oak or Spring Oak temporarily and enjoy the Halloween festivities. The Homeowners Association apologizes for any inconvenience and sincerely hopes residents agree that this short closure will make the Halloween night safer and more fun for everyone. Thank you!


Oaks Architectural Tour

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ReminderYes, it’s time to renew your Oaks Homeowners Association membership for 2014.

The annual membership dues are $40 and you can pay online by clicking here.

Please be aware that the dues are paid on an annual basis, so these are the dues for the 2014 calendar year. If you paid at the picnic this year, that was for 2013 – this is a new request for 2014.

Thanks so much. We appreciate your support!


Hollywood Cell Tower

By Alexander Von Wechmar

Cellphone antennas on utility poles, such as those on Canyon Drive, provide many residents of The Oaks with wireless phone service and act as relay stations to transmission towers in other communities. But the pole-mounted equipment is also an eyesore in our neighborhood, blocking views of hillsides and even the Hollywood Sign. Some residents are also concerned about the long-term health effects of around-the-clock exposure to radiation from the radio frequency signals that these cellphone antennas emit.

Until now, the City allowed most cellphone towers to be erected without per- mits. But this situation will soon change: A new ordinance has been drafted by the Los Angeles City Attorney and is expected to be approved by the City Council. Over the past seven years The Oaks Homeowners Association has been a leading voice calling for legislation to regulate the installation of wireless transmitters along residential streets. We have launched petitions, organized press conferences in our neighborhood, attended countless City Council Committee meetings and joined a citywide Working Group on the issue.

In meetings with the City Attorney and his staff we have been able to convince lawmakers to include provisions in the new ordinance that will give residents more say over the location and appearance of cellphone towers in their neighborhoods:

Cellphone companies will be required to mail notifications about a planned new installation to all homeowners and tenants who live within a 250 foot radius of the proposed site. Notifications will also have to be sent to residentsí associations, such as The Oaks HOA.

All notified parties will have the right to appeal any decision the City makes with respect to the project. The majority of existing cell sites in The Oaks are located on Canyon Drive. Some of them are less than 300 feet apart from each other; as a result, nearby residents are burdened with a multiple dose of negative impacts. Since signals from top-mounted cellphone antennas do not reach their immediate surroundings, those residents closest to the antennas do not even get as good cellphone reception as those who live further away from the towers. In light of these facts, we have been pushing for a clause in the new ordinance that would prohibit the clustering of cellphone sites on residential streets.

Meanwhile, the City Attorney has confirmed that some features of the huge AT&T cell tower on Canyon Drive do not comply with current law. It remains to be seen what the phone company is prepared to do to correct the reported infractions.

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