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The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
Meeting time:  June 8, 2011, 7:05 p.m.; Venue:  Jonathan Corob’s Home
Board Members Present:  Caroline Schweich, Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Jonathan Corob, Wayne Schlock, Shanta Herzog, Alexander von Wechmar, Holly Purcell, and John Saurenman.

  1. The board approved the minutes of the May meeting.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:  Jonathan reported that our opening balance as of May 11 was $31,356.61.  We deposited 7 dues payments of $35 each and $175 from Pilgrim for an advertisement.  Our closing balance was $31,766.61.
  3. Summer Picnic
    1. We are still looking for sponsors.  Holly indicates that she is attempting to find out if Prudential will sponsor.
    2. Raffle donations:  Gelson’s has contributed, and we are still trying Oaks Gourmet and Tailwaggers.  Holly suggested that we provide donors with a certificate (suitable for display) indicating that the business is supporting the Oaks HOA.
    3. Bob has put up the 3 big signs and will put up some smaller ones on June 9.
    4. Rentals through CD4 arranged (except for the round tables).
    5. Jonathan is on the permit for the bouncy house.
    6. Entertainment:  We can have face painting from the ______ Museum for a $100 contribution.  We are considering a magician for another $100.
    7. We need prizes for the kids.
    8. Food and drink:  Caroline has arranged with (a new) Pat and Oscar’s for chicken wings, pizza, salad, sandwiches and ribs.  For desert, Alex suggests Froyolife on Hillhurst which will provide serving of frozen yogurt with toppings for $225.
    9. We will get a PA system from Hollywood Sound.
    10. We will need coolers and ice for drinks.
  4. Membership:  At this point, we have 300 members for 2011.  That compares with 295 for 2010.  Holly suggested that maybe we could do something with different levels of membership with a higher level that provides some sort of benefit.  She will draw up a plan.
  5. Green Oak meeting with Tom LaBonge.  Tom seemed to understand the problem and that the community wants access to the Park.
  6. Cell sites (Alexander):  The City Attorney’s Office has released a report on the subject which will go to the Public Works Commission.  This is the first step toward regulating cell sites.
  7. Redistricting:  We discuss the subject and what we have heard about where the Redistricting Commission plans to put the Oaks.  We decide we need to submit a comment letter once the Commission releases its draft maps on June 10.  John will get the maps and distribute them on June 10.  We will then work on a letter.
  8. Griffith Park (Gerry)
    1. There is a move to permit commercial signs in the park as a means of raising revenues.  Barry Sanders is pushing the idea, but the City Attorney is opposing.  We will write a letter in opposition.
    2. The Recreation and Parks Commission has made a $6.6 million grant of Proposition 84 money to the Autry for its expansion.  Gerry says the Commission made the grant without proper notification.  Part of this is to deal with the Southwest Museum’s collection.  He notes that the Autry is not keeping the Southwest open and is not honoring its commitments to the Southwest.
  9. Street Repaving:  We have received estimates from the City to repair Canyon Oak and Hill Oak.  We will draft a letter to residents soliciting donations, and we will explore other options for raising revenue.
  10. Saint Andrews Stairs:  Hollywood Beautification has been working on maintenance.  There are proposals to put up cameras and to get good groups to use the stairs.
  11. Franklin/Bronson traffic issues:  Gelson’s is being cooperative.  We can try to get parking control to watch to make sure that delivery vehicles do not park illegally.  We can also ask that CD4 try to get DOT to do more enforcement.

The meeting adjourned at about 9:10 p.m. after we celebrated Gerry’s birthday.

Next meeting:  July 18 at 7 p.m.


Oaks Homeowners Association Minutes
from May 11, 2011 Board Meeting 

Meeting held at Shanta Herzog’s house.
Present at meeting: Shanta, Caroline, Gerry, Wayne, Jonathan, Alexander, Rainer.
Meeting began at 7:15pm and ended at 9:45pm

1.  April minutes approved with 2 slight changes which have been issued.   John Saurenman was absent. Caroline replaced him to take minutes, with assistance from Gerry and Shanta.

2. Treasurer's Report – closing balance: $35,256.61. Oaks Night at Vermont generated approx $1,000 income. Tailwaggers past due ads have been paid. Decision made that if an advertiser has not paid past due ads by the time we go to print for the next newsletter, their ad will be pulled from publication.

3. Griffith Park – Gerry
- Hollywood Sign Viewing Controversy.  History and current status of problem discussed thoroughly, removal of three guide signs has caused traffic jam-up at Deronda creating safety hazard because of required emergency access to Mt Lee. Recommendation to sign petition and also to write letter.  Discussion, including Oaks involvement, City parking enforcement, etc. Motion by Alexander to send letter only passed, points discussed.  Caroline to write/send letter.
-  Master Plan Working Group – two more chapters vetted at April 27 meeting.  May 18th meting cancelled.
-  Billboards and commercial advertising in City Parks, including Griffith Park. Presented Dept of Recs & Parks’ Commission president Barry Sanders’ plans for ads in parks in exchange for “donations” from corporations. Oaks to write letter and submit to various City entities in opposition to the plan.
-  Redistricting Supervisor Districts – decided no action because not issue.
-  Fern Dell – announced Summer Lecture Series by Friends of Griffith Park, July meeting to focus on Fern Dell.  Post on website and newsletter.
-  Green Oak Drive fence damage and trail issue, meeting announced. Gerry to speak with CD4 regarding trail easement issue.

4. City Planning / City Services
- Bronson/Franklin traffic situation/ Gelson’s – A meeting will be held at Gelson’s on May 24 at 8;30am. There is no indication that there is a legal document prohibiting deliveries to Gelsons from Canyon.
- Streetlights – Andy can no longer handle this. Shanta will ask resident on Spring Oaks Dr (Jeff?) to see if he is interested in pursuing this task. 
- Street repairs –Bob has been sending continual email reminders to CD4. We are still waiting for bid/quote on costs involved on city end.
- 2300 Live Oak Project: Wayne gave comprehensive overview of this project. Owner/developer is asking for certain variances and requesting support of OHA in these requests. Wayne is holding a meeting with owner and neighbors to discuss. A request has been made for us to give a letter of support by May 16 – unlikely we will be able to give a letter of support in such a tight timeframe as all neighbors must be given a chance for input and Wayne must have time to review.

5. Security
St Andrews Stairs. According to Wayne, the public part of the stairs has been cleaned up. A meeting will be held with neighbors, AFI, Immaculate Heart, CD4 and OHA May 18 at 8:30am.

6. Community / Board
- Newsletter – Rainer.   Everything is coming along and almost all articles are in. deadline for artwork for ads is May 22. 
- Picnic is June 18 – Caroline (standing in for Bob).
1.  Food.  Pat & Oscar’s – Caroline will call
2. Water: Bob
3. Ice / ice cream / PA system: Alexander
4. Entertainment for kids: Stacey Ann to handle? Jonathan: pl confirm
- Mr Fun – only IF we have sponsors
- Bouncy castle and generator – yes, provided we have permit
- arts and crafts table from Barnsdall – yes, if not too expensive
- games / ropes/ etc.: Bob: do you have these? Are there prizes left from last year?
5. Recs & Park. MOST URGENT: Gerry to contact R&P for permit. Jonathan to assist.
6.  Sponsors: Holly to see if she can get some.
7. Raffle Items.  Board members should volunteer to get items:
Everyone get 2 items please by next board meeting.
8. We'll need to get the dates changed on the two big banners and on the five smaller signs.  And we'll need to decide where to put the smaller signs (on front yards perhaps) so that they are less likely to get stolen.   Let's put together a list of locations. (Bob)

- Helicopter issue/ meeting update
Alexander and Shanta reported that they have attended a hearing of the Van Nuys Airport Citizens Advisory Council, along with representatives of the Beachwood Canyon community, to complain about the noise from helicopters flying over our hillside neighborhoods and Griffith Park. Most Council members turned out to be very sympathetic towards the problem and made some helpful suggestions.  Alexander and Shanta will work together with the Beachwood Canyon Residents Association and other local homeowners groups on identifying the operators of those helicopter flights. The plan is to meet with them and to make them aware of the problem, in the hope that the pilots will be open discussion re: noise reduction.

-Leaf blower flyers -
Alexander passed around a copy of a flyer, signed by Tom LaBonge, which informs people that the use of gas-powered leaf blowers is illegal. Alexander suggested to ask CD4 to have a Spanish version of the same Notice printed on the back of the flyer.
It was decided to ask the City to distribute the flyer by mail. Alexander will talk to CD4 about it. The flyer will also be posted on our website, and a stack of them will be available at the Summer Picnic.

Next Meeting: Wed June 8 at Jonathan’s? to be confirmed

The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
Meeting time: April 10, 2011, 6:05 p.m.; Venue: Caroline Schweich’s Home
Board Members Present: Caroline Schweich, Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Rainer Standke, Jonathan Corob, Wayne Schlock, Shanta Herzog, Alexander von Wechmar, and John Saurenman.  Guest:  Josh Sloop

  • Caroline introduced Josh Sloop and commences an extensive discussion of the St. Andrews stairs.  Josh is a resident at the stairs, and he reports that the stairs have become a magnet for young people doing graffiti and drinking.  The Van Cleeve house at the top of the stairs at Tryon is empty and has become an attractive nuisance.  Josh and another neighbors are putting up lights.  Josh has called LAPD about 12 times, and the response has been good.  LAPD is starting to visit the stairs at random occasions.  Even though LAPD asks people congregating at the stairs to leave, those folks often return.  Josh has spoken to our senior lead officer, and it appears that LAPD is going to get its gang intervention unit involved.  Josh has also contacted CD4, and Tom has visited the stairs.  We discussed several options including placing cameras on the stairs and increasing desirable foot traffic, e.g., high school boot camps.  We concluded that all the stakeholders including Immaculate Heart and AFI needed to be involved.  We decided to work with CD4 to schedule a meeting with all the other stakeholders to address the issue, on site.
  • Minutes:  We approved the minutes of the February meeting.
  • Treasurer’s Report (Jonathan):  Our opening balance as of February 11 was $31,744.89, and our closing balance as of April 10 was $31,356.61.  We deposited dues and donations totaling $655.  Our major expense was to Warren Printing for the dues reminder letter.
  • Board agreed that for President may approve expenditures up to $100. Expenditures above $100 require board approval.

  • Membership:  We discussed at length how to maintain our membership database more effectively so that we deposit dues in a timely manner and so that members who have paid their dues do not get reminder letters.  Currently we have 3 or 4 people involved, and we decided to reduce that to 2 people.  One person (Shanta) will check the mailbox and collect dues.  That person will open the mail, collect membership data (e.g., US mail address and email address), update database, and deliver membership checks to Jonathan who will deposit the checks.  John had been checking the mailbox, and with great reluctance and a heavy heart, he delivered the mailbox key to Shanta.
  • Community
    1. Vermont Night:  Caroline reported that we had about 30 people reserved for the event (with Wayne and Ponet Place responsible for 15 of them).  Although we had concerns about the event being a success, it turned out to go well.  We took in about $1000 in tips.
    2. Events:  for events like the holiday party and the annual meeting, we need sign-in lists so that we know how many folks attended and who they were.
    3. Newsletter:  Rainer needs articles for the newsletter by May 12.  Rainer and Jonathan will take care of the advertisements.  We have the following pieces lined up for the newsletter:
      1. Letter from the President which will include a report on street repairs
      2. Shanta will do a piece on the Theodore Payne Foundation
      3. Wayne will report on the Hollywood community plan and the baseline ordinance
      4. Joan’s recipe
      5. Gerry on Friends of Griffith Park
      6. Bob will condense the piece that John drafted on the annual meeting
      7. Gerry will do a piece on coyotes (based on the information from LA animal services)
      8. We will have a box on poisons and their effects on bobcats
      9. Piece on Griffith Park predators
      10. Rainer will do a piece on motorcycles
      11. Picnic announcement
    4. We changed the picnic date to June 18.
    5. Marilyn Johnson had asked that we include information on the website regarding a League of Women Voters event on climate change at Barnsdall Park on May 11.  We agreed to do so.
  • City Services
    1. Creation of Non-profit for Street Repairs:  A number of folks met on March 23 with CD4 and representatives of the city’s street services bureau to discuss this concept.  We are now waiting to hear back from Street Services with a quote on costs.  If we go forward with concept, we plan to search for sources of matching funds.
    2. Street Lights:  Funds from Proposition K should be sufficient to cover the cost of converting the lights in Fern Dell.  Although Andy has left the board, we hope we can get him to continue to monitor this matter.
  • City Planning and Zoning:  Cell Sites:  Alexander met with the LA City Attorney, Carmen Trutanich.  The City Attorney’s Office has a report on subject, and the City Attorney promised that any illegal cell sites would be taken out.  The California Public Utilities Commission has adopted a resolution that would take away the authority of locals to regulate cell site locations.  Gerry suggested that we need to contact our members of the Legislature on this.
  • Retaining walls : Wayne to propose basic criteria Oaks will utilize as policy re: supporting or not certain variances for retaining walls.

  • Griffith Park (Gerry)
    1. Master Plan Working Group -  Working Group met on March 31st, to hash out red-lines made by Department and CD4.  Got through Chapters 1-3, passing over some of most contentious issues.  Three more meeting are forthcoming, next on April 27th.
    2. Griffith Park Natural History Survey, Wildlife Survey (one year study) is now funded.  Hollywood United Neighborhood Council was a generous supporter.
    3. Forest Lawn Draft Environmental Impact Report - Response letter detailing impact on Griffith Park will be sent by Oaks.

    Future meetings:  Wed May 11 at Shanta’s house.
    The meeting adjourned at about 8:45 p.m.

    Annual Membership Meeting March 21st, 2011

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Meeting time: January 16, 2011, 6:10 p.m.; Venue: Gerry Han’s Home
    Board Members Present: Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Rainer Standke, Caroline Schweich, Jonathan Corob, Wayne Schlock, and John Saurenman.
    Guest: Aaron Sosnick

    Following Bob’s greeting, the board unanimously approved the minutes of the December 2010 meeting.

    Treasurer’s Report (Jonathan)
    a.     Our opening balance as of December 9, 2010 was $28,539.50.  Our closing balance as of January 16, 2011 was $29,465.07.
    b.     Our major expenses for this period were payments to Warren Printing for the newsletter and to RobCo Insurance for our insurance policy.  We deposited $3,910 in dues payments

    We have received approximately 210 dues payments, and we need to send out the follow-up letter to those who haven’t paid.
    Annual meeting, March 21
    We will invite staff from CD 4 as well as the councilmember.
    Lily Singer from the Thomas Payne Foundation will talk on native plants and trees.
    Tomas O’Grady will talk about what to do with people violating the ordinance on gas-powered leaf blowers.
    We will ask the SLO for the Oaks to discuss security issues.
    Bob will contact AFI to arrange for the room.

    The silent auction at the Holiday Party raised about $900. This covers our costs as well as a gift for Joan Young for all of her effort in doing the cooking.
    Hollywood Farmers’ Market Update: The organization that operates the market is negotiating with the Los Angeles Film School to try to work out a solution. In the meantime, the City has extended the market’s permit to close Ivar on Sunday mornings for 90 days in order to allow for the talks to proceed. We continue to monitor.

    Trees on Franklin and Western (Rainer)
    HUNC has donated $3000 which will cover most watering costs.
    Because the trees on Western are in jeopardy of dying, Rainer will put Immaculate Heart in contact with the Los Angeles Conservation Corps. However, the school does not seem overly community oriented.
    Rainer has not had much luck talking to Gelsons and getting it to participate in the tree effort. He may try to put the LA Conservation Corps in touch with Gelsons.
    We are planning our Spring Fundraiser at Vermont Restaurant for Tuesday, April 12. We plan to send a postcard to the membership to remind them about the annual meeting and Vermont Night.

    City Services/Street Repair
    The city has scheduled Live Oak East for repair, but has delayed start of work because of construction occurring on the street.
    Green Oak Dr. at Green Oak Place is in need of repair. This intersection needs repair every few years because of storm water runoff. Essentially an infrastructure problem. We need to talk to Nazario Sauceda about infrastructure issues.
    Wayne will check on house on Wild Oak that is building a cantilevered deck. Is it up to code?

    There continues to be sex activity on High Oak. James has some license numbers.
    Motorcycles on Canyon. Rainer reported that there are a number of motorcycles frequently using Canyon, and these bikes are extremely loud. Can we figure out a way to determine if they are over the noise limits? We discussed putting a piece on the Web page.
    Congestion at Bronson and Franklin: Renee Weitzer from CD4 is organizing a meeting of stakeholders to discuss issue. Caroline will get the ball rolling on this, and Bob, Gerry and Andy will try to attend the meeting.

    Griffith Park (Gerry)
    The Friends of Griffith Parks has launched, and Gerry is the President. Representatives will be meeting this week with the head of the Department of Recreation and Parks.
    Councilman LaBonge is now pushing the Department to get meetings going again on the master plan. The Department needs to address questions especially relating to CEQA issues.
    NBC-Universal Project: currently a proposal to build 2000 homes with commercial space on Barham across from Oakwood. Barham would become a “freeway” and the project could create real traffic problems. This is a huge project that will create a myriad of environmental impacts. However, because of its powerful supporters, it will be hard to stop.
    The Department of Recreation and Parks still is not maintaining the catch basins in the park. Bronson Canyon is the park’s largest watershed.

    Governing Board: Bob needs help so that he can reduce the number of hours he is spending. Caroline will assist and ultimately become President (according to Bob’s email inviting Tom to the annual meeting). Caroline in turn will need to turn over newsletter duties to others. Rainer will assist and Jonathan will invoice the advertisers. Mary will be helping on the database.

    Other business: Wayne reports that Metro is shortening bus lines, in particular line 217. But Metro is not doing it in a rational way and the result will be that folks in east Hollywood traveling west will have to change buses multiple times. Wayne will prepare a letter.

    Next meetings: February 15, 2011; March 21, 2011 (Annual Meeting)

    The meeting adjourned around 9:15 p.m.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Meeting time: December 11, 2010, 7:10 p.m.; Venue: Shanta Herzog’s Home
    Board Members Present: Bob Young, Shanta Herzog, Gerry Hans, Rainer Standke, Andy Chase, Caroline Schweich, Jonathan Corob, Holly Purcell, John Saurenman. Guest: Wayne Schlock (and soon to be board member); James Rubin.

    Minutes: Following Bob’s welcome to us all, the board approved the minutes of the November 2010 meeting.

    Treasurer’s Report (Jonathan):
    Opening balance as of November 11, 2010: $27,958.96.
    Closing balance as of December 9, 2010: $28,539.50.
    Jonathan notes that we still have not received payments for several ads in the last newsletter. Caroline to follow up.

    We mailed the dues solicitation letter in November, and John reports that we have received about 130 dues payments to date.
    We need to obtain some additional copies of the newsletter from Warren so that we have about 30 on hand.

    Annual Meeting
    We want to hold it in March after the city election. We are considering March 21 recognizing that there may be a runoff.
    Ideas for speakers? Our local politicians (Tom LaBonge, Mike Feuer), Tomas O’Grady who’s promoting leaf blower regulations? Someone from the Theodore Payne Foundation on drought resistant plants? Gerry on the Griffith Park plant survey? LAFD, LAPD?

    We invited Wayne to join the board, and he graciously accepted.

    Holiday Party on December 12
    Everyone needs to bring their auction items to Bob’s house by Sunday afternoon.
    Bob solicited volunteers to help move furniture around, to clean up, and to tend bar.
    Rainer will pick up the rentals.

    Intersection of Franklin and Bronson: There are continuing problems with congestion mostly related to the Gelson’s and its delivery trucks. There is supposed to be some sort of an agreement involving the city and the neighbors on Canyon Drive regarding where Gelson’s unloads its delivery trucks. However, we do not know for sure that such an agreement exists. We will investigate further.

    Threat to Hollywood Farmers Market: John reported on the threat posed by the LA Film School’s sudden refusal (after twenty years) to agree to the closure of Ivar between Selma and Sunset. We discussed what we can do. We decided that John would draft a letter to the city copying the relevant council members. We will also copy other community associations. (Update: The city extended the market’s street closure permit for 90 days so that the market and the LA Film School could try to negotiate a resolution. We are holding off on sending our letter to see what happens. Nonetheless, John will prepare a draft to have on hand if needed. We have posted an item about the situation on our website.)

    Watering trees on Franklin: Rainer reports that HUNC has committed $3000 to the watering effort. We discussed approaching Gelson’s about adding trees on Franklin, but we need better information on who to contact. Holly said she would come up with contact information.

    Spring Fund Raiser: After substantial discussion, we decided that we would again do an association night at Vermont. However, this year, we will work to turn more folks out. We discussed having the night in early April (April 4?) or May (May 12?).

    Security Report (James Rubin):
    James has spoken with a representative of Bel Air Security who reports that they have chased loiterers off High Oak. There was a break in at 2166 Live Oak East, but James did not have anything further to report.
    James suggested that we obtain some Neighborhood Watch signs which are quite inexpensive. We could post them around the neighborhood. Gerry stated that if we were going to post such signs, we should set up actual neighborhood watches.

    City Services: Not much to report. There is further information regarding coyotes and their behavior. For example, coyotes will eat fallen fruit that has spoiled and fermented; the animals get drunk. All of us need to continually remind people not to feed coyotes or to leave pet food outside where coyotes can get at it.

    Car sales on Los Feliz: the city is beginning to act on this. Los Feliz Improvement Association has been very active on trying to stop the practice of people selling used cars on the boulevard, and the city is going to hold a hearing on the issue. We discussed whether we should send a letter supporting regulating the practice. Apparently, LAPD has arrested several of the car sellers because their sales activities create a hazard on Los Feliz.

    Griffith Park Report (Gerry)
    Master Plan: Tom has called the planning group together to get the master plan effort moving again. We agreed that Gerry should be our contact.
    Tom wants to put cell sites on the abandoned water tanks in the park. It is not at all clear that this is a good idea. We need to monitor this situation.
    The catch basins in the park continue to need attention, but Gerry had nothing new to report. (Update: After the recent storms, the lower catch basin near Hollywoodland overflowed causing debris to flow out to Canyon. We reported this to the city, and city workers were supposed to address the problem.)

    Haunted Hayride: In the end, this commercial enterprise did not destroy anything in the park, and the company cleaned up pretty well. The group has a three-year permit for this activity.

    Future Meetings: January 18 (Tuesday); February 22 (Tuesday).

    We adjourned at about 9 p.m.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Meeting time: November 11, 2010, 7:10 p.m.; Venue: Bob Young’s Home
    Board Members Present: Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Rainer Standke, Alexander von Wechmar, Caroline Schweich, Jonathan Corob, Shanta Herzog, John Saurenman. Guest: Wayne Schlock

    Minutes: Following Bob’s welcome to us all, the board approved the minutes of the October 2010 meeting.

    Treasurer’s Report: Jonathan Corob reported that our checking account’s opening balance as of October 18, 2010 was $28,247.89. He wrote one check for $288.93 (reimbursing Alex for summer picnic costs). Thus, our closing balance as of November 10 was $27,958.96.

    The Oaks Board
    Membership: The board unanimously asked Shanta Herzog to become a member of the board, and she graciously accepted.
    In response to a request to appear at a board meeting from Tomas O’Grady, who is running for City Council, we decided that we will not invite active candidates for elective office to Oaks board meetings during election campaign periods.

    Our letter for the dues solicitation is final (and Bob will circulate the text to all). We will add a line on the return envelope indicating that we appreciate any donations above the annual dues amount.
    In terms of addressing the newsletter and the dues letter: we will add “or Current Resident” to the address for the dues letter, but will continue to use only the residents’ names when addressing the newsletter. We will also ask members to include their email addresses when returning the dues envelope.
    We need a process to identify new residents to the Oaks so that we can add them to our lists.

    Halloween Walk post-mortem
    We all agreed that it was a very successful event this year due in large part to our being able to close Park Oak.
    We debated whether we really need traffic control officers at the closure points on Park Oak since we have to pick up the cost of the officers. Total cost of the event was about $1500. The general feeling was that the DOT officers were necessary this year (in turning away willful motorists), and may be next year, but should not be necessary once the street closure has become a tradition and all residents are accustomed to it.
    We should consider asking adult participants in the walk to make a contribution to cover the many costs of the Walk. We could solicit for those contributions at the Oaks table at Alto Oak.
    We discussed additional signage perhaps at Park Oak Place (to remind residents that the road will be closed), at Ferndell, and at the Canyon Oak/Tuxedo Terrace junction.

    Holiday Party, December 12 at Bob Young’s home. We discussed a variety of items for the silent auction ranging from bottles of wine to gift certificates from Gelson’s and from various restaurants. Gerry could donate a guided hike in Griffith Park, and Wayne could donate an hour of architectural consulting time.

    Remi Kessler is now our contact with FilmLA for filming in the Oaks. We need to be sure that FilmLA is getting its email notices out.

    Tree Watering along Franklin Avenue (Rainer): HUNC is considering donating $3000 for watering next summer.

    Leaf blowers: This is a continuing, nationwide issue. Bob distributed an article from The New Yorker on the topic. One problem is that homeowners often are not home when their gardeners or yard cleanup people are using blowers, and therefore the owners are unaware of the noise, pollution and odor associated with blowers. We can disseminate information from the city by way of a city flyer. We decided to ask Tomas O’Grady to speak to us on this subject after the election.

    Spring Fundraiser: We had an extensive discussion about whether we should have a fundraiser, and if so, what it should be. We did not make any decisions on this topic, and we will discuss it further at the December meeting.
    Gail Wolpert has written to us asking for information about bringing snow into the Oaks. She apparently wants to do an event in December. We can provide some information from the years when the Oaks did a snow day and we can be supportive, but we don’t have the resources to take it on as an Oaks HOA event.

    Security (James Rubin)
    There have been home burglaries on Live Oak East (at Tryon) and Canyon, and vandalism of cars on Foothill Drive. James has contacted Bel Air, and it will pay more attention to Tryon. He has also been in contact with LAPD SLO Maggie Dillard. We need to press LAPD and CD4 on this.
    We discussed whether we should organize Neighborhood watches and whether we should post signs.
    Residents in the Oaks need to note license plate numbers if something suspicious seems to be occurring.
    There appears to be an increase in the number of coyote attacks. Residents need to keep their eyes open and dogs on leash or in the house.

    Street Repairs: The city has done some resurfacing in the Oaks, but it is very resistant to resurfacing streets that are paved with concrete because the costs are greater. One suggestion was for residents who live on concrete streets to agree to a special assessment, but we would need to figure out how to poll Oaks residents on whether they would be receptive to this idea.

    Congestion: The intersection at Bronson and Franklin is a continuing problem particularly from trucks unloading for Gelson’s. Can we ask Gelson’s to unload trucks in its parking lots on Canyon and on Bronson instead of from the street?

    Griffith Park: Gerry reported that the city has not properly maintained the upper catch basins in the park. This is an ongoing issue.

    Los Feliz Boulevard of cars: The city is finally going to try to do something about all the used cars that folks park on Los Feliz Blvd. and advertise for sale. The city will soon hold a hearing on this topic and CD4 is urging as many of us as possible to attend and to support city action on this matter.

    Next meeting: December 9, at a location that remains to be determined.

    The meeting adjourned at about 9:15 p.m.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Meeting time: October 18, 2010, 7:10 p.m.
    Venue: John Saurenman’s Home
    Board Members Present: Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Rainer Standke, Alexander von Wechmar, Holly Purcell, John Saurenman
    Guests: Joseph Orlanes, Shanta Herzog, George Joblove, Jennifer Shin, Wayne Schlock

    Minutes: The board unanimously approved the minutes of the September 2010 meeting.

    Griffith Park Security: Senior Lead Officer Joseph Orlanes, Office of Public Safety (General Services Police or GPS). Orlanes is the SLO for the Northeast Hollywood District which includes most of Griffith Park and a bit of Hollywood and Rampart. He reviewed the situation regarding police and ranger presence in Griffith Park and made several key points:
    The GSP need us to provide them with information about potential criminal activity in the park. Typically, the GSP will respond to anything that would be worth a 911 call and also to park-specific matters such as homeless encampments.
    Usually, if we see a problem in the park, we should call GSP dispatch (213.978.4670). If it is an emergency, call 911 first and then call GSP dispatch.
    During normal hours, GSP has a unit dedicated to Griffith Park (although it is not clear that the officers in the car are Griffith Park specialists). A number of GSP officers are former park rangers. After 1:00 a.m., there is one GSP unit for the whole city.

    Treasurer’s Report (Jonathan Corob): Our opening balance as of September 20 was $28,418.01. We wrote several checks related to the 2010 picnic. Our closing balance as of October 18 was $28, 247.89.

    Membership: It is time for folks to pay their annual dues, and Mike Lyons has prepared a draft letter to our membership soliciting dues. Bob will circulate for comment.

    Newsletter: It will go out the week of October 18.
    The annual holiday party will be on December 12 at Bob Young’s home. Bob asks that we bring our ideas for items for the silent auction to the November meeting. We will do an email blast about the party on December 1 and put a box on our website.

    Filming in the Oaks: Remi (Caroline’s husband) is our contact for getting notices about filming, but he is not yet getting email notices. Gerry will endeavor to rectify that.

    Halloween Walk Update:
    Thanks largely to Rainer (with help from Andy and Jonathan), we have city authorization to close Park Oak Drive between Spreading Oak and Spring Oak. About 75% of the homes in the closure area have approved the closure.
    Stacy Ann Corob has purchased candy for us to distribute at our table on Alto Oak.
    We discussed having a magician at our table. Rainer will follow up.
    We discussed whether we really need traffic control officers to enforce the street closure. Some thought we did, while others were not so sure. This is an issue we will revisit well before the Halloween Walk next year.

    Watering young trees on Franklin (Rainer): We authorized Rainer to spend up to $800 for the maintenance of the trees (including pruning and fertilizer). We also plan to spread the word more that we are an integral part of this effort to green up Franklin, e.g., placing a piece on our website and letting HUNC know what we are doing.
    Other tree ideas (Rainer): Gelson’s is willing to plant some trees on Canyon and Franklin. Rainer will write to Gelson’s about project. Rainer also raised the idea of encouraging residents of the Oaks to plant larger trees in the neighborhood. He will refine his idea and bring it back at a future board meeting.
    GPS systems are misdirecting people into the Oaks when they are trying to get to the Observatory. It seems that we need to contact Sprint about correcting this problem.

    Motorcycle noise on Canyon: Do we want to become involved in this issue? Should we put a piece on our website about motorcycle etiquette?

    City Services: The city will be doing some repaving in the Oaks this year including Foothill, Live Oak East, Cazaux Drive and a portion of Cazaux Place.

    City Planning/Zoning
    Cell sites (Alexander): The City Attorney (Carmen Trutanich) is now interested in this subject. Alexander attended a meeting on this topic at which Trutanich was present. The City Attorney’s Office is writing a report on cell sites that it will submit to the Public Works Committee of the Council. Recent court decisions have made clear that local governments can consider the aesthetics of cell sites.
    Traffic Circle Update (Alexander): A recent update letter brought in additional contributions. Total contributions are about $21,000.

    Gelson’s traffic: We have an ongoing issue with the congestion that trucks delivering goods to Gelson’s are causing at Franklin and Bronson. Oaks Gourmet and Victor’s Square also contribute to the problem.

    Griffith Park (Gerry)
    Gerry reported on the city allowing a commercial entity to operate the Halloween Hayride in the park. While we oppose such commercialization of the park, the city authorized this event some time ago. It can cost up to $50 per person.
    We need to continue our watchfulness on the catch basins in Bronson Park. The city needs has responsibility for cleaning them and is currently working on the problem.

    Next meeting: November 11 (Veteran’s Day); Bob Young’s house.
    Adjourn at about 9:15 p.m.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association
    Minutes of the Board Meeting -- Tuesday, September 21st  at 7:00 P.M
    Caroline Schweich’s house – 5515 Green Oak Drive

    Board Members Present: Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Rainer Standke, Alex von Wechmar, Caroline Schweich, Andy Chase
    Guest: Shanta Herzog attended
    Stacey-Ann Corob subbed for Treasurer, Jonathan Corob

    1.  Minutes of the August board meeting were approved, Caroline Schweich serving as temporary secretary. 

    2.  Treasurer's Report
    Opening balance: $29,837.56
    Closing balance: $28,418.01
    Ads in Spring Newsletter still unpaid: Holly Purcell, Tailwaggers, Post Alarm.
    Caroline to send out Fall Newsletter ad invoices to all advertisers and reminders of unpaid balances to the above.

    3.  Membership – The new dues Solicitation Letter to be sent out in October.  Bob is in touch with Mike Lyons regarding composing the 2011 solicitation letter.   

    4.  Community
    a.  The Fall Newsletter. Caroline outlined the articles currently assigned:
    - Letter from Pres/Update on streets (Bob)
    - Halloween Hayride article (very short) stating our concerns about fire hazard, traffic, intensive use of semi-natural area, and for-profit venture in the park (Gerry)
    - Crime report update (James R.)
    - Halloween walk reminder. Hours 6:30-8:30 with map + Save the date for Holiday Party SUNDAY DEC 12 FROM 5:30 – 8:30 PM at Bob and Joan Young’s (Caroline)
    - Reporting burned-out street lights  (Andy)
    - Recipe (Joan)
    - Solar installation in homes (Wayne Schlock)
    - Other possibilities: zoning laws? Rental houses on Tryon?

    b. Filming in the Oaks.  New Oaks point person for notification of film projects : Remi Kessler . Gerry to inform FILM LA of our new contact person

    c.  Oaks Halloween Walk – permit still not granted for street closure. Bob will follow up with CD4 regarding the permits that Rainer has been requesting for several months.
    Guards for the three stop points:
    5 corners: Bob (roving), Rainer, Alex
    Park Oak and Canyon Oak: Shanta and Caroline
    Spring Oak and Park Oak: John S. and maybe Katherine, but if not Katherine, then we’ll need someone else.
    Stacy Ann Corob is getting candy and small water bottles
    Mike Lyons setting up table at the start point on Alto Oak

    d. Watering the young trees on Franklin Avenue – trees are doing well. Rainer to write a proposal on next steps re: Immaculate Heart’s involvement. Shata to speak to Gelsons about planting trees along Franklin in front of the store

    e. Two Nuisance Houses on Tryon Drive join our existing nuisance house on Spring Oak Drive West.  The neighbors at Tryon are in communication with the owner and manager of the Tryon rental house.

    6.  City Services
    a. Street Conditions.  Bob, Andy and Gerry reported on the meeting with Nazario Sauceda, head of Street Services, that took place on Wednesday, August 25th at Council District 4’s offices, with Tom LaBonge participating.  A few streets are in the plans for repaving, but most are still nowhere near being scheduled.  Bob will report further in article for the fall newsletter.

    7. Security
    a. Security and Fire Safety in Griffith Park and Fern Dell – Possible impacts of reduced Ranger Presence -- crime, homeless encampments (last month’s discussion with Lieutenant Rick Beutell, Office of Public Safety, and a new letter from Ted Heyck).
    We need to start working with OPS.  We discussed inviting Joseph Orlanes, Senior Lead Officer, General Services Police to a future meeting for thoughts on these same park security and safety issues. Officer Orlanes can attend on Monday, October 18th so we set that date for the next meeting.

    8. City Planning/Zoning
    a.  Cell Sites and Installations – Alexander.  The working group (informal association of boardmembers of homeowners associations and Neighborhood Councils from across the city) has finally received an invitation from the City Attorney's Office to meet with some of their lawyers. The meeting originally scheduled for August 20th) has been postponed to Sep 22.  Alexander will report at the next board meeting.

    b. Over-height walls at 5656 Hill Oak Drive and at 5830 Foothill Drive – Bob reported that the wall on Hill Oak is unpermitted and the owners will need to submit a request for a variance.  The wall on Foothill is opposed by nearby residents, yet the owner claims to have approval from 2004 from the City to build up to eight feet in height.  Both situations are still in flux.

    c. Traffic Circle –  Alexander will contact the City regarding the safety barricades that have been at the intersection, at the site of the uprooted sidewalk for several months.

    d.  The ongoing congestion at Bronson and Franklin – Gelson’s supply trucks, the Oaks Gourmet and the Victor’s mini-mall. (from conversations with Eugene McCarthy and Susan Kent) . We will work with CD4 and LAPD to get trucks to deliver to Gelsons perhaps from the Gelsons parking lot on the east side of the store.

    9.  Griffith Park – Gerry
    a.  Halloween Hayride at the old Zoo area in Griffith Park.  Discussion centered on three areas of concern: use of a park site for a for-profit venture, disturbance of semi-natural area, and fire hazard.  Gerry will compose a letter to Parks & Rec and CD4 outlining these issues.

    Dates of next meetings:   
    Monday, October 18th
    November meeting: to be determined

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Meeting time and place: August 19, 2010, 7:05 p.m., at Rainer Standke’s Home
    Board Members Present: Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Rainer Standke, Alexander von Wechmar, Caroline Schweich, John Saurenman
    Guests: Lieutenant Rick Beutell, Lucinda Phillips

    Minutes of July meeting approved.

    Treasurer’s report: Jonathan was not able to attend the meeting, but he provided a written balance sheet. Our opening balance as of May 20 was $30,849.60. Our closing balance as of August 20 was $29,837.56.

    Griffith Park Security and Fire Safety: Rick Beutell of the Office of Public Safety (OPS) attended the meeting to discuss the status of park rangers for Griffith Park and issues relating to personal and fire safety in the park. Gerry and Lucinda began the discussion by noting our concerns about the reduction in patrolling in the park, about crime in Ferndell, and about an increase in the number of homeless encampments in the Park which heightens fire risk. Rick acknowledged our concerns. Although the discussion lasted over an hour, Rick’s main points can be summarized as follows:
    Citywide, the number of rangers has dropped from 41 to 18. Of the 18 remaining rangers, eleven (including two stationed at the observatory and two mounted officers) are assigned peace officer functions. There are also seven interpretative rangers and two supervisors. Rangers patrol in Griffith Park from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
    OPS is the primary city agency for law enforcement in the parks. Overnight, OPS has two officers citywide to respond to calls. Between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m., OPS does not dedicate officers to the park.
    Rick indicated that there are now more peace officers in the park than before OPS began taking over law enforcement duties. Still, there is currently a relatively low officer presence in the park.
    Rick also noted that LAPD would like to take over law enforcement in the parks and move OPS officers to LAPD buildings. If this were to occur, LAPD officers responding to calls would not have the knowledge of the Park that the rangers and OPS officers have.
    Many of the OPS officers are former rangers (including Rick) who know the Park well and who are committed to its safety.
    Rick asked us to keep our eyes open for encampments and to report any we see. He also asked that when calling to report criminal or suspicious activity, residents should try to give not only the location of the events, but also the direction of travel of the people involved. This helps law enforcement find them.

    Filming in the Oaks
    Caroline reported that the filming of Law and Order on Green Oak proceeded without incident. The film company was considerate of residents and, in addition, made a $250 donation to the Oaks HOA.
    Alexander had reported hearing a convoy of film trucks early one morning in the last week, and it appears that this may have been a rogue film shoot. Film LA had no records of filming in the park on the day in question. Alexander also noted that when there is filming in the park, it is not clear whether the Oaks HOA is entitled to notification.
    We need an Oaks HOA person as a contact with Film LA. Alexander will be that person. We also considered putting a notice regarding filming on our website especially when we see a scout or location manager in the area.
    Board members felt that there is no issue with asking for, or accepting small donations to the HOA from film companies.
    Halloween Walk: Rainer continues to work on the laborious permit and approval process.
    Nuisance houses on Tryon: John reported that the City Attorney’s Office is taking a look at this situation and is in touch with CD4.
    Traffic Circle Link: We voted to have Rainer establish an email address for the traffic circle ending in '@oakshome.org'.

    Street Conditions: We are scheduled to meet with Street Services head Nazario Sauceda and CD4 on August 25 to discuss the dilapidated condition of many streets in the Oaks. Tom LaBonge is to participate in the meeting. CD4 suggested that the meeting occur in the Oaks at a location where we think the streets are particularly bad. We are considering Hill Oak at High Oak.
    Cell Sites: Alexander along with representatives of an informal association of other home owner groups will be meeting with the City Attorney’s Office on September 22 to discuss issues relating to cell site locations and installation. Alexander reported that the City Attorney himself may attend the meeting.

    Mountain Biking in Griffith Park: Gerry reported that there continues to be a push to allow mountain bikes on dirt trails in City parks. The next round of Planning Department outreach workshops for commenting on the June Bike Plan Draft has not been scheduled, but is supposed to occur in September.

    Upcoming meetings: Tuesday, September 21, and Tuesday October 19

    The meeting adjourned at about 9:15 p.m.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Meeting time and place: July 15, 2010, 7 p.m., at Bob Young’s Home
    Board Members Present: Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Rainer Standke, Alexander von Wechmar, Andy Chase, Holly Purcell, John Saurenman
    Guests: Wayne Schlock, Lucinda Phillips

    1. Minutes approved by acclamation

    2. Treasurer’s Report: Jonathan was unable to attend but he emailed to Bob the following information.
    a. As of July 14, our account had a cash balance of $30,127. Deposits last month were for $856
    b. Jonathan has received only three payments for advertisements in the June newsletter: Tess & Gary, Robin Collins, and Pilgrim School.

    3. Griffith Park and Security: Gerry and Lucinda
    a. There has been something of crime wave in the Fern Dell area. A psychological case committed a burglary at one house, and there was a break in at Trails Café. In addition, homeless people have been sleeping at Bronson Caves.
    b. We are concerned that these events may be related to the change in the patrol schedule for the rangers at the Park. The rangers now patrol 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.; there is no patrol after 8 p.m. The Office of Protective Services, which is picking up the patrol slack, is supposed to respond only to emergencies.
    c. Gerry and Lucinda have been pressing the City to keep the ranger schedule one that is effective. With limited patrols, the Park is becoming a no-man’s land after dark. Lucinda and Gerry are trying to set up a meeting with Councilman LaBonge on the issue. The lack of a ranger presence poses a fire risk because of encampments in the Park. We need to write another letter to the City.
    d. LAPD has new people running the vice squads for the divisions on both sides of the Park. The new folks in charge are both women, and there have been some preliminary contacts with them about the situation in the Park.

    4. Griffith Park and Zoo Parking Lot:  Gerry reported on the City's plans to convert to a pay lot.  The Griffith Family Trust will likely oppose, possibly challenging it legally.  Various other concerned groups are already opposed.  Besides going against Col Griffith's mission that access to the Park be free of charge, this pay lot proposal could set a precedent for charging fees for other aspects of the Park.  Our action item is to write another letter to CD4.

    5. Web site Issues: Rainer
    a. We need to remove sponsors from the web site.
    b. We need to remove board member email addresses in order to reduce spam mail.
    c. Email blasts: We have 463 email addresses, and about 163 opened our last blast. We need to figure out which events need a blast, and then how many blasts. While the picnic seems to be the major event where we would use blasts, the board authorized Rainer to use his discretion.

    6. Picnic: A big success. Lots of people have made favorable comments. While we got the amount of food about right, we needed more plates. Folks ate all the ice cream.

    7. Grand Jury Issues: Meg George of the Oaks has been selected to sit on the LA County Civil Grand Jury. She has sought ideas from us of matters the grand jury could address. Based on Alex’s idea, we endorsed suggesting that the Grand Jury investigate the clandestine operations of the Southern California Joint Pole Committee (that deals with telephone poles and cell sites).

    8. City Services
    a. Spring Oak Drive: The house there continues to be a nuisance. It seems that the City is not prepared to lend any assistance. We also have a party house on Tryon that is creating a nuisance for neighbors.
    b. Street repaving: Tom and Mary have toured the streets in the Oaks. While Tom continues to express concern about the severely deteriorated condition of our streets, we will need to press more vigorously for actual remedies.
    c. The City has corrected several street light outages (with Andy doing a lot of footwork). These include lights in Fern Dell that the City has fixed. We (read Andy) are compiling a list of people at City Hall that we can contact for future outages and problems.

    9. City Planning and Zoning
    a. Alex and Andy met with the AT&T representative about the above ground facility (AGF) AT&T wants to locate on Canyon Drive. Ultimately, the site on Canyon near Bronson Hill was the only feasible location, but neighbors objected. So, AT&T is dropping the idea. AT&T is also intending to locate an AGF on Live Oak East at the backside of the American Film Institute. The AFI has no objection to the facility. The Oaks HOA also has no objection; we do however wonder about the advisability of placing such an installation downhill from the main water line and water pressure relief valve that service the AFI.
    b. A resident on Hill Oak has built a 6-foot high wall without a permit. Bob noted that it had been reported to him.

    10. Rainer has continued to take the lead for us on the watering project for the young trees along Franklin Avenue.

    Next meetings: August 19, 2010; September 21, 2010
    Meeting adjourned at about 9:20 p.m.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Meeting time and place:  June 15, 2010, 7 p.m., at Jonathan Corob’s Home
    Board Members Present:  Bob Young, Rainer Standke, Alexander von Wechmar, Caroline Schweich, Jonathan Corob, Andy Chase, Holly Purcell, John Saurenman
    Guests:  Wayne Schlock, Ron Brock

    1. Minutes:  Unanimously approved
    2. Treasurer’s Report
      1. Opening balance as of 5/20/2010 is $30,849.60
      2. Closing balance as of 6/??/2010 is _____________.
      3. We received payment for one newsletter advertisement but still need to receive payment for five others.
    3. Membership:  In May, we approved Bob’s proposal for a more orderly timeline for a dues notification, along with suggestions on budget.  We will move forward on this.
    4. Community
      1. Picnic Planning
        1. The banners are up around the neighborhood.
        2. Caroline has ordered the food (which will come with utensils, plates and napkins).
        3. Alex will get the ice cream for dessert and deliver it to the park.
        4. Everyone should bring coolers to insure we have enough.
        5. Bob will bring several large bottles of water, a stand for the bottles and paper cups.
        6. Caroline has purchased the prizes for the kids’ events.
        7. Caroline has ordered the tables and chairs from CD4.  The city will deliver them at 9 a.m. on the day of the picnic.  She will check to see if we can get another 8 foot long table.
        8. Alex has arranged for the PA system.
        9. Alex will get about 5 bee traps.  And he will provide a ladder so we can hang them up.  (?)
        10. Jonathan has ordered the bouncy house and generator.
        11. We have arranged for the magician and games and other events for the children.
        12. Friday evening before the picnic, Remy, Jonathan, and Andy will put up the flags to claim the area.
        13. Saturday at about 8:30 am, Bob, Andy, Caroline and John will start setting up.
        14. Andy will get balloons to adorn our signs and banners.
        15. We have raffle items from Trails Café, Tailwaggers, Oaks Gourmet, and Trader Joe’s.  We will check Locali, Sunset Nursery and Desert Rose to see if they will donate raffle items.  We decided to sell raffle tickets for $2 each or 3 for $5.
        16. We will distribute flyers around neighborhood to drum up interest especially for families with small children.
        17. We need garbage bags.
        18. We want to put out a petition on street repaving (hopefully with pictures) for members to sign.
        19. We need a membership list showing who had paid and who had not so we can check people in as they arrive.
      2. Newsletter:  It’s out.  Thanks to Caroline.
      3. Alex has planted the tree at Sylvia’s home.
      4. Rainer has made the arrangements for our contribution to watering the trees along Franklin and up Western.
      5. We discussed the possibility of a wine tasting (perhaps at Acme Gallery) as a means of raising more money.
    5. City Services:  We had an extensive discussion on street repaving. 
      1. Ron Brock from Wild Oak has been battling the city for over 4 years trying to get his street repaired.  He fell on the street and was injured.
      2. Bob reported that after his letter to CD4 (referring to the unnecessary street resurfacing in Los Feliz Estates and the continuing degeneration of Oaks streets), he received a call from Tom LaBonge who said he would try to get a concrete crew assigned to repair some of our streets.  Bob noted that no one seems to understand the criteria for deciding which streets the city decides to repair.
      3. We discussed what we might do to get a more vigorous response from the city.  Essentially we decided that we just need to be more of a squeaky wheel.  We are also going to put out a petition at the picnic.
      4. Wayne suggested that we could also attempt to come up with a master plan for repairing our streets over the next 10 years, e.g., identifying which streets need to be repaired first, and then in subsequent waves.
    1. Security (James Rubin)
      1. There was an attempted burglary on the west end of Green Oak.
      2. The new LAPD SLO is Maggie Dillard.  James has made her aware of the series of car burglaries in the area.  A car was burglarized on Spreading Oak in a manner that was similar to an incident on Canyon 4 to 5 months ago.
      3. There are also issues with prostitution on High Oak (lack of lighting in the area) and a gang issue on Live Oak East.
    2. City Planning:  Alex reported on the situation regarding AT&T’s proposed above ground facility (AGF) on Canyon between Bronson Hill and Libby Way.  AT&T and the City did not notify the Oaks HOA about the proposed installation, as required by law.  While we contacted the City Attorney, CD4 and other City officials, residents opposed to the planned installation blocked access to the site by parking their cars in front of it.  A construction crew, nevertheless, tried to start their work but we eventually forced them to shut down and leave.  A later meeting we had with an AT&T representative revealed that the installation they were attempting was not in compliance with City regulations (AGF ordinance) but, had we not intervened, would have been completed anyway. The case shows how important it is that we - and all other parties involved – receive proper notification about all planned AGFs in our neighborhood, as intended by the AGF ordinance. With regard to the City, there are several problems.  Because neighboring homeowners are not notified, they are not aware of their appeal rights.  That is why it is important that we receive notices so that we can inform the affected residents of their rights.  At this time, because neither we nor residents get the notification, no one raises concerns to the City and the City then rubber stamps permit applications.  Another issue is that CD4 apparently does not pass its list of HOAs on to the Bureau of Engineering.
    3. Griffith Park:  There is a general feeling that the ranger station on Fern Dell could use some sprucing up.  We are going to start by offering the ranger a U.S. flag for the flagpole.

    The meeting ended about 9:30 p.m.
    Next meetings are July 15 and August 17.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Meeting time and place:  May 20th 2010 at 7PM at the Home of Gerry Hans
    Board Members Present:  Bob Young, Rainer Standke, Gerry Hans, Alexander von Wechmar, Caroline Schweich, Jonathan Corob, Holly Purcell and Andy Chase.  Guest:  Inspector Frank Godoy of LAFD.

    • Minutes from April 18th 2010 meeting approved by acclamation.  Minutes reporting for May 20th meeting assigned to Andy Chase due to the absence of John Saurenman
    • Treasurer’s Report—Jonathan Corob
      • For the dates 4/14/2010 to 5/20/2010 there was an opening balance of $31,738.28. Expenditures during this period were:
        • 4/20/2010 - Wells Fargo Banking Software Fee of $9.95.f
        • 5/14/2010 Chk #1158 – Warren Printing for Post Cards (for Annual Meeting/Vermont Night): $878.73
      • Closing balance for the period ending 5/20/2010 is $30,849.60
      • Discussion was held on what advertisers owed payment for past Newsletters. Jonathan and Caroline were to confer and resolve.
    • Brush Clearance Update
      •  Inspector Godoy of LAFD explained the revised procedures for Brush Clearance.
        • Officer Godoy assured us that actual physical inspections are being done in high risk fire areas
        • The mailing requiring homeowner payment to support these activities was not handled by the LAFD but the City of LA and the LAFD, while not responsible for the mailing, is working with the city to make this process clearer and to adjust the timeline and notification to be more in keeping with the need to match Brush Clearance with the natural growth.
        • Godoy explained that Brush Clearance areas are defined by the State of California
        • Godoy provided his phone contact in the event that we have any additional questions
      • The Board expressed the concerns of several Oaks residents that the process for self inspection was confusing as well as burdensome and the “Fee” letter itself unclear as to how the Fee would be applied.
    • Membership
      • Board decided that a Oaks HOA “Mission Statement” should be developed in order to clarify the activities of the Board so that Oaks homeowners will have a better understanding of who the association is and the role they have in the community
      • After a discussion, Board voted unamamiously to hold Annual Fees to $35 a year for the next two years
      • Board discussed a more formalized timeline process for collecting dues: sending a dues solicitation letter (with return envelope) in November, followed by the newsletter (which would also include a dues solicitation article), and a follow-up letter in January.  Board also discussed making the return envelopes simpler and cheaper, and keeping dues fees constant for two years so that we can buy envelopes in larger quantities and reduce costs. 
      • Newsletter:  Article assignments were given out by Caroline with copy deadline of 5/24/10 to facilitate mailing date of 6/8/10.  Completed articles are to be emailed to Caroline.  
      • Update on Email blasts was tabled due to time constraints
    • Outreach
      • Discussion was held on the conclusion of the “Save the Peak” effort and it was decided to summarize the event in the next newsletter.
      • Board acknowledged the Memorial Celebration for long time resident Milan Herzog on June 19th as an invitation only private party of Sherta Herzog.  Board has no official role in sponsorship.
      • Board voted unanimously to contribute up to $800 for the watering of the young trees on Franklin Ave.  Rainer to make arrangements and seek support from Immaculate Heart School and other community groups and report back.
    • Community
      • Summer Picnic: 
        • Set for June 26th 
        • Name Change to “Oaks Family Picnic” was voted on and approved in order to encourage more families with children to attend.
        • Request will be made to CD4 for tables and chairs
        • Board members were asked to research potential performers with a focus on Children and make suggestions to Board Members.
        • Board voted unanimously to retain Pat and Oscars Catering for Picnic food service. Cost TBD and communicated for approval to Board members via email
        • Board approved expense of $500 or less for printing of signs and Banners for Picnic to be posted in The Oaks.
        • Board discussed roping off Picnic area the night before in order to reserve space.  Final details will be discussed at next Board meeting
      • Cell Sites:  Alex noted that there is a perception that the Oaks HOA is opposed to all cell sites and against cell phone reception.  It was suggested that we may want to put an article in the newsletter explaining our position. No action was taken as of the meeting date. 
      • Holly briefed the Board on the potential sale of 2 lots on Bronson Hill Drive and agreed to keep the Board posted on the sale of these.
      • Traffic congestion from trucks unloading in the street at Gelson’s Market continues to be a problem as the board has received several complaints.  It was agreed that a letter should be sent to CD4 expressing our concerns over the congestion as well as the safety hazard this causes.
    • Security
      • It was discussed that there have been car break-in’s in various parts of the Oaks but the role of the OHA is limited to advising residents not to leave valuables in their cars and to report all crimes as it helps secure additional Police presence in The Oaks.
      • The Oaks also continues to have “parkers” and sex trash in certain areas.
    • City Services
      • Bob continues to advise Mary Rodriquez of the deteriorating condition of the streets in The Oaks.
      • The Board continues to receive complaints from residents concerning the poor condition of the streets.  In addition to the OHA advising CD4, it was also suggested that Homeowners contact CD4 with their comments as well.
      • No Parking Signs on Red Oak Drive – Bob contacted Mary Rodriquez of CD4 again and she sent his email on to the LA City Dept of Streets. Subsequent to the meeting, there was a reply from Streets and CD4.
      • Rainer has been attending the planning and outreach sessions for Hollywood and Western.
    • Griffith Park
      • Gerry briefed the Board on the recommendation/possibility that the City would start charging for parking at the Zoo lot.  We approved a letter opposing such a charge.
      • Gerry briefed the Board on Red Car Trail and wildlife corridor.  We determined to support the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy’s appeal to force the developer of apartment complex modify the plans such that trail is still possible.  We will send a letter expressing our position.


    Future Meetings:  Tuesday, June 15th: Jonathan Corob’s home
                                  Tuesday, July 20th
                                  Tuesday, August 17th

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Meeting time and place:  April 18, 2010, 6:15 p.m., at Bob Young’s Home
    Board Members Present:  Bob Young, Rainer Standke, Gerry Hans, Alexander von Wechmar, Caroline Schweich, Jonathan Corob, John Saurenman
    Guest:  Andy Chase

    1. Minutes approved by acclamation. 
    2. Treasurer’s Report—Jonathan Corob
      1. For the first quarter of 2010, our opening balance as of January 12, 2010 was $29,428.80.  Our major expenses were for Warren Printing and to Bob Young to reimburse Joan for expenses for the holiday party.  In addition, we donated $1000 to the Trust for Public Land for the (now successful) project to save Cahuenga Peak and $1000 to the Griffith Park Natural History Survey.  Our major sources of income were dues payments and the funds we raised at Vermont Night.
      2. Jonathan also provided a summary of our finances for 2007 through 2009.  In general, we were in better shape in 2009 than in either 2007 or 2008.  This reflects an increase in the dues for 2009 and lower costs for the Holiday Party and Picnic.  We ended 2007 and 2008 about $2000 to $2600 in the red.  We ended 2009 nearly $5000 in the black.
    3. Membership
      1. Board discussed a more formalized process for collecting dues including using a letter with a return envelope we would send before sending the newsletter.  Board also discussed making the return envelopes simpler and cheaper.
      2. Newsletter:  It is that time again.  Caroline will get it going.  Possible articles include the Oaks delimitations for the Hillside Ordinance, Save the Peak, and the 1600 Vine development (that includes the W Hotel, a spa, a well-reviewed restaurant, and a Trader Joe’s coming soon).
      3. New members for Association:  general discussion of trying to get more folks to join.  Should we conduct a campaign knocking on folks doors?  Or is it enough that each board member contact her/his neighbors and be sure they are all aware of the Association?  This year our membership is at a pretty strong level.
      4. Email blasts:  board adopted a resolution authorizing us to set up our own capacity to send email blasts to membership.  Cost is about $5 per month.
    4. Outreach
      1. Annual meeting:  Tom LaBonge and Mike Feuer filled all the available time and Bob did not have time to speak.  In the future, we will take the first 5 to 10 minutes of the meeting.  Nonetheless, the general feeling was that the meeting was a success.
      2. Hillside Federation:  Alex reported that membership costs $150.  Marian Dodge is the new president.  The Federation adopted a resolution aimed at controlling cell sites in residential neighborhoods.  Alex is not sure how valuable this group is.
    5. Community
      1. Summer Picnic:  Set for June 26.  We want to focus on getting more families to attend.  We will do new banners that emphasize that it is a family event.  Put a banner across Canyon?  We will also highlight in the newsletter.
      2. Vermont Night:  It was not as big a success as in the past.  Partly attributable to the recession.  Also several folks who had brought large parties in the past did not participate.  Board determined to explore a new type of event.
      3. We discussed putting out a list of recommended businesses and craftsmen, but decided that there were sufficient problems with such a list that we would not pursue it.
      4. Filming in the Oaks:  Gerry reported that we are now getting notification from Film LA.  When filming scheduled, we are getting email notice.
      5. Cell Sites:  Alex has not heard anything further about the AT&T above ground facility at Libby Way.  The plan may have changed to move the AGF location south of Canyon Cove to a point where there is a vacant lot.  Alex also noted that there is a perception that the Oaks is opposed to all cell sites and against cell phone reception.  We may put an article in the newsletter explaining our position.
    6. Security
      1. There have been home invasions in Hollywood on the flats.  Folks need to be careful who they admit to their homes.  We might do a piece for the newsletter with pros and cons about admitting people to homes.
      2. Residents need to be sure to report any incident to the LAPD.  Even if LAPD does not respond, the report becomes part of its information for our area.
      3. Graffiti and condoms have been found on High Oak.  This has been reported to Bel Air.
    7. City Services
      1. City is now saying that for some streets, trees are the problem.  It is unclear who bears responsibility in such a circumstance.  Bob will try to get information on this.  The city has filled potholes on Briarcliff.
      2. Brush clearance fee:  The city information on this new program is extremely confusing.  We will draft a letter to CD4 asking for clarification.  Among the issues is whether the program is for every property in the city or for a pool for higher risk areas.  If the city’s goal is to create a pool, it should say so.
      3. Rainer has been attending the planning and outreach sessions for Hollywood and Western.
      4. The city has adopted the Hillside Ordinance.  We are in contact with City Planning to set our delimit area.
      5. CD4 scheduled an emergency budget meeting.  City’s situation is dire, and it is trying to address items such as the cost of policing as well as getting more money from DWP.
    8. Griffith Park
      1. We discussed the possibility that the City would start charging for parking at the Zoo lot.  We approved a letter opposing such a charge.
      2. We discussed the Red Car Trail and wildlife corridor.  We determined to support the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy’s appeal to force the developer of apartment complex modify the plans such that trail is still possible.  We will send a letter expressing our position.


    Future Meetings:  May 20 at Gerry Hans’ home; June 15 at a venue tbd.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    February 16, 2010
    at John Saurenman’s Home
    Board Members Present:  Bob Young, Rainer Standke, Gerry Hans, Alexander von Wechmar, Holly Purcell, John Saurenman
    Guest:  Andy Chase
    Meeting began about 7:15 p.m.

    1. Minutes:  Board approved by silent acclimation.
    2. Membership
      1. Bob suggested that we need to formalize our process for distributing dues materials rather than continue the ad hoc process we have been using.  Bob volunteers to make a proposal.
      2. Alexander raised a concern about LFIA recruiting members in the Oaks.  Bob pointed out that the Oaks previously was a part of LFIA, that LFIA has always recruited members from the Oaks neighborhood, and that we have a good relationship with LFIA.
      3. Holly reported that about 275 households had paid dues.  John gave her another 10 dues envelopes.  Our total so far this year is in line with prior years.  We discussed whether we really needed to send further reminder letters, and if so, to whom at this point. 
      4. Rainer suggested we send a postcard announcing the annual meeting and Vermont night on one side and a dues reminder on the other.  That idea was approved.
      5. We also discussed doing a door-to-door walk around in May to remind folks about the picnic.
    3. Annual Meeting
      1.  Bob notes that Mike Feuer cannot attend on the date for which the meeting was scheduled and proposes that we change the date to March 16.  The Board agrees.  Bob will contact AFI to change the date with it.
      2. We are also inviting CD4 to the meeting.
    4. Save the Peak
      1. The Hollywood sign has been converted to read “Save the Peak” for a few days.
      2. We reaffirmed our pledge of $1000 to the effort, and after doing some due diligence regarding the pledge, we will send the check to the Trust for Public Land.
      3. We are considering giving Tom LaBonge a giant check at the annual meeting, and doing an email blast about the effort.
    5. City Services
      1. Street repairs: 
        1. Mary Rodriguez suggested a community forum on street repairs.  We decided to try to schedule a joint session with LFIA and the city official in charge of deciding which streets get repaired.
        2. We discussed how the decision could have been made to repave Canyon Drive given that it was in better condition than many of the streets in the Oaks.  Apparently, Canyon is a part of a vestigial “federal” highway and its repair qualified for federal stimulus funds.  At the time of the meeting, it was not clear whether the speed bumps would be put back in; they now have been put in.  Bob was going to check with Scott Larson to see whether anyone checked with the residents of Canyon about the repair.
      2. Alexander will coordinate with Sylvia Jacobson regarding planting the tree by the cell site in front of her home.
      3. Traffic Circle:  The final report on the circle endorses the use of stop signs, and at this point, everyone seems on board with stop signs (rather than yield signs).  We need to reach out to the new owner of the home on the southwest corner where a tree is breaking up the sidewalk—and to other homes on the circle.
    6. Cell sites: 
      1. In November, Alex spoke with Mike Feuer about the proliferation of cell sites asking what he can do. 
      2. The Public Utilities Commission issued a “backgrounder” on who has control over cell sites, and it concludes that local government has the responsibility over cell sites.  The PUC has now made this memorandum public so we can use it.
      3. Alex reported that the big cell site on Canyon is not in compliance with the regulations for above ground facilities.  He suggested doing a Public Record Act request on the city to get its documents on the site.
    7. Griffith Park (Gerry)
      1. On December 15, Tom LaBonge convened a community meeting on the park.  Gerry handed out Tom’s February 1 letter about scheduling further sessions attached to which was a summary of the December meeting.  A copy of the letter and summary are attached.  Importantly, the meeting did not directly address the Griffith Park Master Plan and how to implement it.
      2. Gerry also discussed the proposed survey of the Park for rare plants.  The cost estimate for the survey is $10,000 and the proponents have raised about $6000.  The Board voted to donate $1000 to the project.
      3. Finally, Gerry reported that the City may drastically cut the funding for neighborhood councils because of the budget problems.
    8. Security:  Andy Chase reported on the street light issue on Park Oak at Spring Oak.  When the street light went out, illegal activities started occurring.  Once the City repaired the light, those activities ended.  We also noted that Park Oak Court has no lighting and that it might be good to install a motion detector light.


    The meeting ended about 9:10 p.m.

    Next meetings:  March 16, Annual Meeting.  Regular board meetings April 20 and May 18.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    January 12, 2010 at Bob Young’s Home

    Board Members Present:  Bob Young, Rainer Standke, Gerry Hans, Jonathan Corob, Holly Purcell, John Saurenman, Caroline Schweich
    Guests:  Mary Rodriguez (CD4) (Mary attended the entire meeting.  She was involved in the discussion of, and took notes regarding, a number of the issues we addressed.  In particular, she participated in the discussion regarding paparazzi, and she may be able to assist in addressing this issue.), Rob Perelson, Hadly Rierson, Daniel Carson, Mark Prior, Luc Bernard.

    The Prez, Bob Young, gaveled the meeting to order at about 7:10 p.m. and welcomed the attendees.

    1. The board unanimously approved the minutes of the December meeting.
    2. Treasurer’s Report (Jonathan Corob)
      1. Opening balance as of November 10, 2009:  $27,573.99.  C losing balance as of December 28, 2009:  $29,428.80
      2. We had several large deposits totaling $5730 largely from dues payments.
      3. We had a general discussion on finances and determined we needed a more specific system for keeping track of payments and to follow up on payments for advertisements in the newsletter.
      4. Bob noted that the silent auction at the holiday party paid for that party with a small amount left over.
    3. Community
      1. Paparazzi Issue: 
        1. Rob, Hadley and Daniel attended primarily because of the problems paparazzi continue to cause in the area around Canyon & Valley Oak and Foothill & Van Ness.  The paparazzi drive dangerously, block driveways, and smoke and leave litter in the streets.  Hadley reported that some of them have criminal connections. 
        2. Bob began by summarizing our past deliberations on the paparazzi and parking districts and that we had never been able to come to a consensus on the issues. 
        3. We then had an extensive discussion concerning the idea of a parking district with permitted parking.  One argument in favor is that there is some evidence that such districts help address other crime problems in the area.  The board might support a temporary parking district to test whether it would improve matters without simply moving the problems to other parts of the Oaks.  However, such a district would have to be truly temporary, and it’s not certain that the mechanism to create a truly temporary district exists.  Too often, such temporary districts become de facto permanent.
      2. Water problem in Fern Dell:  Ted Heyck’s home seems to be dry now because of drainage work that AFI undertook.  However, water is still bubbling up on Fern Dell causing the street to deteriorate.
      3. Los Feliz 2010 Community Leadership Summit on January 17:  Bob will attend.  Need to identify our 5 most important issues.  These could include issues such as paparazzi, cell sites, parking, missing “No Parking” signs, implementation of the Griffith Park master plan, cars for sale on residential streets.
      4. Barnsdall Park:  Holly reported that it is falling on hard times.  The Shakespeare productions have left for Griffith Park.  There may be layoffs or employees leaving to early retirement.
    4. Outreach
      1. Annual Meeting on Monday, March 8.  Alex is coordinating with Mike Feuer’s office concerning his attendance.  Bob will contact AFI to arrange for a room.
      2. Oaks night at Vermont:  The restaurant has changed hands, and we do not know if the new owners will be willing to continue this event.  Caroline will check with them soon.
    5. Membership:  With the dues payments that John gave to Holly at this meeting, she will be able to complete the update of our membership database.  Once we have the updated database, we will be able to determine to whom to send reminders to pay dues.  Holly will print labels, and Rainer volunteered to get them distributed.
    6. Security:  The Park Oak creep is still around.  We noted Scott Sangster’s email about the early morning break in at his house, but we had no further information on that crime.
    7. City Services
      1. Mary Rodriguez reported that the City has patched a number of streets with cracked pavement, holes, etc.  She does not expect a more major repair on Live Oak East.
      2. Nothing further to report on the missing “No Parking” signs on Red Oak.
    8. City Planning and Zoning
      1. Tom LaBonge is attempting to do planning outreach for Western Avenue between Franklin and Santa Monica and for Hollywood Boulevard between the freeway and Western.  We discussed our potential position.
      2. We discussed the phenomenon of people turning city streets into used car lots.  Most notable example is on Los Feliz east of Hillhurst.  Apparently, the City Attorney’s Office does not want the responsibility of dealing with this.  And LFIA is not interested in pursuing the matter.
    9. Issues for future meetings.  Bob’s agenda for this meeting listed a number of issues we need to address in the future.  The only issue we touched on at this meeting was whether we could use email more in our communications with the membership.  We could, but there are issues such as older members who do not use email or do not use the internet to visit our website. 

    Future meetings:  Tuesday February 16, Annual meeting, Monday March 8.

    The meeting adjourned at about 9:30 p.m.

    Minutes of Oaks HOA Board Meeting, December 6, 2009
    Venue:  Caroline Schweich’s Home; Meeting began about 6:10 p.m.
    Present:  Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Caroline Schweich, Rainer Standke, Alexander von Wechmar, Jonathan Corob, James Rubin, John Saurenman. Guest:  Jack Geasland

    1. Minutes of November 2009 meeting approved.
    2. Treasurer’s Report:  Jonathan reported that  Warren Printing agreed to reduce its bill for the newsletter because of the mix-up on the Halloween Walk maps.  We received Post’s check for its advertisement in the newsletter.  Jonathan said he would try to get his budget analysis to us for the February 2010 meeting.
    3. We set March 8, 2010 for the Annual Meeting.  Bob will contact AFI to arrange to use one of their rooms.
    4. Membership: 
      1. We need a count from Holly of the number of dues checks we have received so that we can focus the reminder card on those who haven’t paid.
      2. John reported that we are receiving a relatively large number of newsletters and follow up letters returned as undeliverable.  Caroline suggested that we have Warren put both the addressee name and “Or Current Resident” on the newsletter address label.
    5. Holiday Party
      1. Essentially under control.  Bob reviewed the list of donations for the silent auction and board members suggested several other businesses that might donate.
      2. We are renting wine glasses and plates from ACE in North Hollywood.
      3. Bob asked for folks to volunteer to help with clean up during the party and after the party ends.
    6. Community
      1. We received a letter from Ron Perelson concerning the ongoing issue of paparazzi at Canyon and Bronson and at Foothill and Briarcliff.  We put the matter on the January agenda and Ron will attend.
      2. Ferndell water problem:  Ted’s house is now dry, but water continues to flow in the Park.  Source remains ambiguous.
    7. Security
      1. Odd person spotted on Park Oak:  Folks on that street believe he is stalking them and residents on Canyon Oak.  We have had a lack of response from LAPD.  We considered putting a general warning on our webpage.  One difficulty is that the guy has not yet done anything illegal.
      2. James Rubin reported that there is nothing new on the Green Oak car break in and nothing new on criminal activity in the Oaks in general.
    8. City Services
      1. Traffic Circle:  We have received the consultant’s report on the traffic circle.  Although it was more detailed than necessary, it did conclude that a traffic circle with stop signs was legal and feasible.
      2. Street repairs:  Bob continues to coordinate with Mary Rodriguez from CD4 regarding the streets that need patching and repaving.
    9. Cell Sites and Associated Facilities
      1. Above Ground Facility (AGF) at Libby Way and Canyon:  Jack Geasland told us  that AT& T was proposing a new AGF at Libby Way and Canyon (he lives on Libby Way).  If AT&T installs the new AGF, it will make it more difficult for drivers turning onto Canyon from Libby Way to see southbound oncoming traffic.  We determined that AT&T had not provided any notice to the Oaks HOA about the facility.  Alexander did some research and informed us that it is not clear whether AT&T plans to replace the existing box at that location or is adding an additional box.  He suggested that we contact CD4 and let them know we do not want the AGF.  We should also support Jack before the Board of Public Works in particular because, in addition to the traffic safety issues, the AGF will have noise issues.  There may be alternatives that AT&T can investigate.
      2. Cell Sites:   Alexander has been networking with other homeowners groups who are concerned about cell service providers turning residential neighborhoods into quasi-industrial zones with the proliferation of cell sites.  He noted that a recent decision from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit held that municipalities can invoke local zoning regarding aesthetics to alter  the location and appearance of cell sites. 
      3. Alexander attended a December 5 meeting of the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council Coalition regarding the proliferation of cell sites.  He spoke there with the LADWP representative in attendance who informed him that DWP has responsibility for all the poles on which cell companies install the sites, but it has one employee handling about 290,000 poles in LA.  Also, the city does not have records on the locations of all the cell sites.
    10. Griffith Park
      1. Gerry reported that there was no major news regarding the Park.
      2. Green Oak Access:  Alexander gave John several more completed questionnaires.    We discussed the Green Oak access issue and what we should be doing about it.  John agreed to contact Paul Ayers, an attorney who specializes in trail issues in order to get his advice.
    11. Los Feliz Improvement Association:  We discussed the fact that people are turning Los Feliz Boulevard into a used car lot and whether we can or should be doing anything with LFIA about this.  We have a similar, albeit smaller, situation on Red Oak.
    12. We discussed that there had been “No Parking” signs on Red Oak but they are now gone.  We decided to contact CD4 about getting the signs reinstalled. 

    Next meetings:  January 12, 2010; February 16, 2010
    Meeting adjourned about 8 pm.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board
    Minutes of the Meeting held on
    Tuesday, November 10th 2009 at 7:00 P.M
    Bob Young’s House

    1.Welcome - Bob

    2.  Minutes approved. Caroline filled in.  Minutes from the October meeting were approved.

    3.  Treasurer's Report – Jonathan working on annual budget. Current status: $+27,573
    Outstanding Warren Printing bills for newsletter. Caroline to call to get clarification and possible discount due to problem with map printing 

    4.  Outreach
    a. Newsletter – Caroline.  Newsletter mailed on October 23rd with dues remittance envelopes, in mailboxes shortly thereafter. 

    5. Membership –
    a.  Mailing of Dues Notices – Notices were included in the newsletters.  We are sending out reminder letters, decision to mail rather than  hand deliver. Print on thicker stock, off-white paper. Rainer calling for quotes. Revisions and layout of solicitation letter being finalized.  (Follow-up post card in January.)  In April/May, we will knock on doors and  invite neighbors to the summer picnic while also extolling the virtues of the Homeowners Association and inviting them to join.
    b. Email blasts – discussed sending out regular email blasts – short info – to keep our members up to date on neighborhood issues and increase the visibility of the Association..  No consensus on this yet.

    6. Community
    a. Halloween Walk & Street Closure – Reports and reactions: it was great!  Next year, we will need to pay city for street closure. Shut streets from 6-8pm only next year.
    b. Holiday Party – Silent Auction Items/ideas:
    German Bread (Rainer)
    Wine (Jonathan and John S.)
    Bel Air and Post – one year free patrol (who is handling?)
    Tailwaggers (Caroline)
    Desire Salon (Caroline)
    Little Dom’s (Holly)
    Oaks Gourmet (Holly)
    Framed Oaks map (who?)
    Steven Briggs book ?
    Solar Panel
    Leaf Blower
    c. Water Flow at Fern Dell – Gerry and Bob. The problem is ongoing and shows no signs of being solved.
    d. Problem with parked cars on Fern Dell.  We should contact LFIA and see how they are proceeding with this same problem on the Boulevard. 
    e.  LFIA Community Meeting with City Attorney Carmen Trutanich on November 9th. Alexander reported.

    7.  Security – James Rubin
    Still problems on Tryon Road

    8.  City Services
    a. Traffic Circle – No updates at this point.  
    b. Street Repaving.   A letter was sent to Mary Rodriguez requesting the addition of Live Oak East and Black Oak on the list of streets needing repaving.  We are waiting for further response from CD4 regarding action on repaving.
    9. City Planning/Zoning
    a. Cell Sites.  Alexander reported on new  complaints from Canyon Drive residents about the noise from the above ground cell site at Canyon and Tuxedo Terrace

    10.  Griffith Park – Gerry reported on continuing negotiations regarding the Griffith Park rangers, the attempt by mountain-biking organizations to gain access to Griffith Park, and the proposed brochure on pets in the park.

    11. LFIA – The board supports continued collaboration with LFIA on issues of mutual interest.

    12. Annual Meeting --  No date was set. 
    Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 P.M.



    Minutes of Oaks HOA Board Meeting, October 15, 2009
    Venue:  Gerry Hans’ Home; Meeting began about 7:10 p.m.
    Present:  Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Caroline Schweich, Holly Purcell (briefly), Alexander von Wechmar, John Saurenman

    1. Minutes of September 2009 meeting approved.
    2. Treasurer’s Report
      1. Beginning balance as of September 14, 2009:  $28,733.92
      2. Ending balance as of October 14, 2009:  $27,223.92
      3. Deposits:  8 dues payments:  $280
      4. Expenses:  Wells Fargo banking fee; payment to Warren Printing for Spring 2009 newsletter; payment to Barnsdall Arts-Crafts Summer Picnic 2009
    3. Outreach
      1. Newsletter:  Caroline reported that we have the proof.  Bob, Gerry and Caroline will review.  Newsletter will be six pages rather than eight.  Warren Printing will insert dues envelope into newsletters.
      2. Website:  Discussed the possibility of adding a piece on the water problem on Fern Dell. 
    4. Membership
      1. Verification of addresses:  Holly reported that the database was done except for Canyon between Franklin and Foothill.  Because this is not part of our area, we include only those folks who have actually joined the Oaks HOA which means this task should be complete. 
      2. Dues notices:  Bob or Holly may have boxes of the envelopes that are to be inserted in the newsletter.  They will check.  We will also hand deliver the notices in November as a follow up.
      3. Mike Lyons dues letter:  it needs a bit of editing to shorten.  Bob will give that a shot.  Holly volunteered her graphics person to format the letter with our logo.
      4. We plan a follow up postcard in January.
    5. Halloween Walk:  final planning
      1. City authorized us to shut Park Oak Drive to traffic.  We will need to pick up barricades just before October 31.
      2. Manning the intersections:  Caroline at Alto Oak with Mike Lyons; John at Spring Oak and Park Oak.  Rainer at the 5 point intersection.  Gerry and Mary at Canyon Oak and Park Oak.
      3. We need to get the Halloween Walk signs (from Marilyn?).
      4. We need to buy water and candy for the table by Mike’s house and to check with Mike to see if we need a trash barrel.
      5. Post Halloween Report:  The city provided two traffic control officers to keep cars off of Park Oak.  The walk went off without a hitch.  The officers were wonderful, and everyone had a great time.
    6. Community
      1. Water Flow at Fern Dell:  Bob and Gerry attended a big meeting at the site on October 8.  The city still has not identified the source of the flow.  The water appears to be percolating up from underground from multiple sources. 
      2. Spring Oak issue:  John reported on meeting on October 8 with residents, Will Rivera (the City Attorney’s Office’s neighborhood prosecutor), and SLO Mike Shea.  There was no resolution, but Will and Mike had some suggestions for resources on which we will follow up.
      3. LAPD Response Times:  Rainer continues to follow up on this.
    7. Griffith Park (Gerry reporting)
      1. Gerry delivered to John another completed questionnaire regarding the Green Oak access to the Park.
      2. Ranger situation remains fluid.  Albert Torres, the chief ranger, has been reassigned downtown to a desk job.  We have been supporting the rangers in letters to the City.  The rangers have been very helpful to us because of their knowledge of the Park.  CD4 convened a meeting on the Ranger Program and then wrote to the Department of Recreation and Parks to convey the concerns that folks expressed at that meeting.
      3. Coyote killing:  Several people who were sleeping in the park reported that coyotes had nipped or bitten them.  The city contracted with US Dept. of Agriculture personnel who then shot eight coyotes.  However, they have no proof that they shot the actual problem coyote(s).
      4. Leashing of dogs in park:  Gerry distributed a draft brochure on the rules regarding dogs in the park.  In short, dogs are required to be on leash.  Production of the brochure is something we could coordinate with Tailwaggers.  The city needs money for the project, and Gerry suggested that we donate $200.  Bob moved approval of such a donation, John seconded, and the board approved the donation.
      5. SaveGriffithPark.org:  Website to promote the park master plan process.  Gerry suggested a $100 donation which the board approved.
    8. City Services/Zoning
      1. Residents on Black Oak, Live Oak East and Ponet Drive have requested that streets in their area be added to the list of those needing repaving.
      2. Alexander has written to the Pacific Palisades Residents Association about cell site proliferation, but that association has not yet responded.  In October, the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled that a city could restrict the location of cell sites on aesthetic grounds.
    9. Los Feliz Improvement Association:  Bob reported that the new president of LFIA asked for a meeting to review areas of mutual interest, e.g., Griffith Park, Light Festival, master plan.  LFIA wants to share information and resources, for example, on the marijuana dispensary close to a halfway house for troubled teenagers.

    Oaks HOA Board meeting adjourned about 9 p.m.

    Next Meetings:  November 10 at Caroline Schweich’s home; December 8 (where primary agenda item will be the final organizing for the holiday party on December 13).

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    September 15, 2009
    ; Venue:  Jonathan Corob’s home (on very short notice; many thanks to Stacy); meeting began about 7:30
    Present:  Rainer Standke, Jonathan Corob, Caroline Schweich, Gerry Hans, Alexander von Wechmar, Holly Purcell, John Saurenman

    1. Minutes approved by acclamation.  We discussed whether we should post the minutes on the web page before the board approves them and decided we shouldn’t.  We also agreed that the members of the board should review the draft minutes prior to meetings.
    2. Rainer reported on Tom LeBonge’s walk thru of the properties on the west side of Western between the Rite-Aid and Hollywood Blvd.  Rainer believes Tom is checking public opinion on the type of development that should occur here.  A MTA representative was at the meeting and Rainer asked him about the bus that goes down Franklin but doesn’t stop on Franklin.  We get the worst of the situation—a bus using the street but not stopping for anyone.
    3. Treasurer’s Report (Jonathan)
      1. Opening balance:  $20,794.56
      2. Closing balance:  $29,467.96
      3. We had withdrawals for the summer 2009 picnic and for the web page software.
      4. We had deposits from dues, donations, the picnic, and advertisements (all of our advertisers in the last newsletter paid for their ads).
    4. Board Mailbox:  We decided that we should check our mailbox once a week and that we should rotate the responsibility for checking it among the board members.  John will take the first 6 month term and will arrange to get the mailbox key from Holly.
    5. Newsletter
      1. We are aiming to deliver before Halloween, and Caroline needs articles by October 1.
      2. Rainer suggested trying to mail in time to include a notice of the hearing on the permanent hillside control ordinance scheduled for October 28.
      3. Caroline reviewed the articles she’s expecting including ones on Barnsdall Park activities, the Halloween walk, holiday party, a recipe from Joan, permanent ICO, and maybe one on the old fire station.
      4. We will include in the newsletter a box indicating what the dues are and when due.
    6. Membership
      1. We will include an envelope in the newsletter for dues payments.
      2. We discussed Mike Lyons’ suggested membership letter.  We decided to both do the envelope in the newsletter and a follow up hand-delivered letter (also hand-addressed).
      3. Database:  Holly is still waiting on the Canyon update.  Gerry/Rainer will work on putting together 1 updated list.  We discussed whether the database should include tenants as well as owners.
      4. Dues received:  tabled.
      5. New Member Packets:  We need to try to deliver on a regular basis, e.g., every 3 or 4 months.  In order to find out who the new residents are, Holly will check the listings every month, and based on which board member lives closest to new residents, she will decide who should deliver the packets.
    7. Halloween Walk
      1. We need to alter our graphic on the walk because it still includes Spring Oak which we decided to drop.
      2. Blocking off Park Oak:  We will purchase the insurance we need.  We need to get the sign off of 51% of the residents on Park Oak (and the 2 stubs off of Park Oak).  Gerry and Rainer arranged to canvas the homes on Saturday morning (Sept. 20).
      3. We probably will be responsible for putting up and taking down the barricades (which the city will provide to us).  We don’t know yet whether the city will staff the event with traffic control officers.
      4. John will check with Marilyn about the pumpkin signs for the mailboxes of the houses that are participating.
      5. We need to check with Mike Lyons about the table, drinks and candy at his home.
    8. Green Oak Access:  Gerry has another completed form and a very good witness who would get permission from LAFD to access the area.  LAFD would give him a key to the gate.
    9. Spring Oak:  As of the meeting, nothing new to report, but on Sept. 25, Deputy City Attorney Will Rivera contacted John about arranging a meeting for Oct. 8.  John is following up.
    10. Security
      1. Rainer is following up on several reports of slow LAPD response times.  He is talking to Scott Larson about this.
      2. Gerry suggested that we need to interact with the new captain for our area.
      3. We were told (I forget by whom) that James Rubin had reported that things have been quiet on Live Oak East and Spreading Oak.
    11. Local Issues
      1. Street Paving:  The city has patched some streets (e.g., Cazaux Drive where it touches Tuxedo).  However, there are new complaints about Live Oak East, Black Oak and Ponet Dr.
      2. Cell Phone Sites:  Alex reported that Susan Swan received an email from a Pacific Palisades group that it trying to get the city to regulate the location and size of these sites.  A meeting for interested groups is being arranged, and Alex will attend.  He also reported a new big ATT site north of Tuxedo on Canyon.  The unit is noisy, and the residents are complaining.
      3. Water problems in Fern Dell:  a resident of that area has been including the Oaks Board in his email exchanges with the city over water problems.  A lot more water is flowing beneath some of the homes, but they can’t figure out the source of the water.
    12. Griffith Park (Gerry)
      1. Autry expansion is dead.  Autry withdrew its proposal.
      2. Nothing new on the master plan.
      3. Nothing new on the ranger situation.

    Next meeting:  October 20 (venue to be determined)

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    August 18, 2009 at Rainer Standke’s home

    Present: Rainer Standke, Bob Young, Gerry Hans, Jonathan Corob, John Saurenman
    Guest: Mary Rodriguez

    • Minutes of July 2009 meeting approved by acclamation.
    • Treasurer’s Report
      Bank Account
      Opening Balance: $20,794.56
      Ending Balance: $29,467.96
      Deposits from dues, advertisements, donations, picnic cash, picnic donations and advertisements.
      Expenses: Summer picnic and webpage software fee.
      Preliminary Budget Report
      Our total annual income is about $13,000. It comes from dues, Vermont night, silent auction at holiday party, picnic sponsors, picnic raffle, and newsletter advertisements.
      Our total annual expenses are about $10,000. We spend money on printing, holiday party, picnic, insurance and miscellaneous.
      Preliminary bottom line is that we typically are living within our means.
      Picnic: We want to contact families with children to urge them to attend and to reach out to other families encouraging them to attend.
    • Membership
      We are working with Mike Lyons to come up with a more effective membership letter. He believes it should be a separate item that is hand-delivered followed up with a post card. Following this meeting he produced a draft that the board members enthusiastically endorsed.
      We are waiting for data from Holly to update the membership.
      Welcome Pack: We have them but haven’t been passing them out because we had wanted to include a list of important telephone numbers. We decided to start passing them out because the website has a list of important telephone numbers.
    • Outreach
      We are aiming for it to go out in October.
      Possible articles include: Notes from the President; Griffith Park update from Gerry; traffic circle from Alex; city services/CD4 or city planning updates; latest on Cheremoya assistance; crime report; Halloween Walk (article, route, tips); holiday party reminder; dates and reminder for Griffith Park Festival of Lights for walkers/bikers; Fall recipe from Joan Y.
    • Verification of addresses: we are working on verifying that there are houses at the various addresses in the Oaks. Gerry and Rainer have walked most of the streets and Jonathan some. We are waiting on that deadbeat John to walk his so that we can finish this project.
    • We authorized Rainer to renew website account.
    • Security: Rainer raised an issue about police response times because he has heard that several recent responses have been slow. He will follow up with SLO Shea and invite him to our next meeting to discuss.
    • Mary Rodriguez, new field deputy for CD4.
      She had been the education deputy for CD4 and will continue to do that role.
      We discussed several issues of importance including the ICO, deteriorated condition of some of our streets, Halloween walk.
      She has checked out some of the streets, and a day or two after the meeting, she checked out some more of them.
    • Community
      Halloween Walk: we need to follow up on how to close Park Oak for the walk.
      Friends of Cheremoya: Nothing new to report.
    • Griffith Park (Gerry)
      Autry has abandoned expansion plans. It didn’t want to commit to keeping the Southwest Museum open.
      Park Officers: rumors abound. We need to monitor the situation to be on top of it if something happens.
      Bike element of Master Plan still in progress. While it is being written behind closed doors, CD 4 opposes allowing bikes on unpaved roads in the park.

    Next meeting: Sept. 15 (Holly chairing in Bob’s absence).

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    July 21, 2009
    at Bob Young’s Home; Meeting began about 7:10 p.m.
    Present:  Bob Young, Rainer Standke, Jonathan Corob, Caroline Schweich, Gerry Hans, Alexander von Wechmar, Holly Purcell, John Saurenman, George Joblove (semi-official guest)

    1. Board unanimously approved minutes of June 16, 2009 meeting.
    2. Treasurer’s Report (Jonathan Corob)
      1. Opening balance:  $20,794.56
      2. Deposits:  $9320.85
      3. Withdrawals:  $647.45
      4. Ending balance:  $29,467.96
    3. Picnic Debriefing
      1. There was too much food.  We ordered food from Pat and Oscar’s for 100 people @ $8.00 per person (70 adults and 30 kids).  We had about 30% left over.  The crowd ate most of the pizza and sandwiches, but there was a lot of chicken left over.  We had about 30% of the ice cream left over, and we had about twice as much dry ice than we needed.  We tipped Pat and Oscar’s $100.  Everyone agreed that the food was quite good.
      2. Ed Dilkes took most of the extra food to a shelter so it was not wasted.
      3. The raffle raised about $600.  We charged $5 for a single raffle ticket and $20 for 5.  We need to consider whether we charged too much for the tickets.
      4. Overall cost of the picnic:  Less than $2000.
      5. Turnout was 109.  We would like a higher turnout.  Should we promote more to families with children?  Should we create list of families who attended and contact them in advance to get the word out, and urge them to contact other families with kids?
      6. Sponsors:  Do we need them?  More general question is how much money we need to raise to cover our expenses.  Our major expenses are the two newsletters per year, the holiday party and the picnic.  Our revenue streams are dues, silent auction at holiday party, raffle at picnic, and donations.  Jonathan will prepare an overview to help us evaluate how to match revenues with our expenses.
    4. Membership 
      1. About 280 of the 800 homes are members of the association.
      2. Michael Lyons will provide some guidance on how best to distribute the dues renewal notices.  He suggests that November is the best time to distribute and that the dues notices should be separately distributed and not tucked into the fall newsletter.  On the other hand, we want to distribute the newsletter by October 10 so that we can announce the Halloween Walk and the holiday party.
    5. Outreach:  We are beginning  to walk The Oaks to verify that there are really homes at all the addresses we have on our database and to detect any other anomalies in the address list database.  (Rainer has begun to distribute street assignments to board members.)
    6. Community Congress:  Alexander von Wechmar reported on the July 7 event.  He noted that this quarterly event is mainly an opportunity for CD4 to shine and for networking.  Alexander reported on the various topics including metro taxis and sanitation.
    7. Community
      1. Bob reported on an email from Scott Sangster who has decided to put his proposed Friends of Cheremoya on hold and to let the Cheremoya Foundation take the lead.  He felt that it would be confusing for there to be two groups with the same goal.  Scott will keep us posted on the progress of this group.
      2. Hollywood Hills Association signs:  We will leave them in place.
      3. Green Oak Access:  Gerry delivered some more questionnaires.  John will send the questionnaire to Caroline so that she can solicit her neighbors on more recent usage.
      4. Nuisance house on Spring Oak:  We have again begun trying to coordinate with the City Attorney’s office to see whether the city can do anything about this problem.
    8. City Services:  Grace Liang would like her end of Cazaux Dr. (west end) added to list of streets needing repaving.
    9. Griffith Park (Gerry Hans reporting)
      1. Rattlesnakes are being seen outside the park.  Gerry saw a dead snake  on Park Oak Drive.  He suggests that if someone spots a live snake, we should call the ranger station, which will send a ranger to remove the snake.  If the call goes to the Fire Department, they will come and kill the snake.
      2. We have sent a letter supporting limiting the cuts to the park budget.  Non-peace officer positions are the most at risk.
      3. Not too much new on the mountain biking issue except the plan for such biking would be “exposed” at a July 22 meeting. 
      4. Autry expansion: the Board of Reserved Powers met.  Lots of folks attended.  The Board asked for further information on what the Autry is proposing to do to the Southwest Museum.
      5. Griffith Park Master Plan:  the Department of Recreation and Parks has red-lined the draft plan.  In particular, Recreation and Parks does not want a community-appointed advisory board.
    10. Los Feliz Improvement Association:  Rainer has resigned from the LFIA Board

    Meeting adjourned at about 9:15 p.m.
    Future Meetings:  August 18, September 15 (Holly presiding)

    Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting
    Tuesday, June 16, 2009
    , Holly Purcell’s Home; Meeting began about 7:10 p.m.
    Board members present:  Bob Young, Rainer Standke, Jonathan Corob, Caroline Schweich, Gerry Hans, Alexander von Wechmar, and John Saurenman
    Guests:  George Joblove, Scott Sangster, Daniel Mabe

    1. The board unanimously approved the minutes of the May 2009 meeting.
    2. Treasurer’s Report:  Jonathan reported that our opening balance on May 19 was $20,814.46.  We paid several bills of $9.95, and our closing balance on June 16 was $20,794.56.
    3. Friends of Cheremoya:  Scott Sangster gave an update on his efforts to develop a community group to provide support to Cheremoya School.
      1. Scott’s general objectives for this group are at this time twofold: to graduate well-rounded kids and to establish an expectation of academic excellence.  He notes that the current administration at the school has gotten test scores up significantly over the past few years although there remains wide variation in scores.
      2. Scott has built a website:  friendsofcheremoya.org.  He wants folks to get the word out about the site.
      3. He has met with school representatives and found them to be receptive to assistance from the group.
      4. He is working to file a 501(c)(3) organization; he’s looking to involve the different community organizations.
      5. Scott has found a parents group that is also forming to support the school—The Cheremoya Foundation.
      6. Scott would like us to help get the word out about the organization and the web site.
    4. Membership
      1. Several families contributed more than the $35 for annual dues.
      2. Several sponsors from last year’s picnic stiffed us.  Holly will do what she can to cover the amount that those sponsors failed to pay us.  Holly and Tailwaggers will be the sponsors of the 2009   picnic.
      3. We now have 258 Homeowners Association members.
    5. A brief interlude:  Daniel Mabe of The Green Station  made a presentation about electric leaf blowers.  He told us that current battery-operated blowers can run for about 35 minutes on a charge and require about 3 hours to charge.  However, batteries are improving and soon  will give about an hour of run time and will charge in about an hour.  The battery-powered blower he showed us costs about $78 retail and is about as loud as a hair dryer.  Corded leaf blowers are readily available from big box stores.  He encouraged us to try to convince our “mow-and-blow” contractors to switch to electric blowers.  He noted that his company sells the equipment, does yard maintenance for both residential and commercial, and certifies yard workers at 3 levels bases on sustainability and lower emissions.
    6. The Picnic:  we reviewed a number of things to be done to prepare for the picnic.
      1. Caroline reported that the Oaks Gourmet had fallen through.  She suggested that we arrange with Pat and Oscars for catering the event.  Cost would be about $800 for food for 70 adults and 30 kids.  We approved Caroline’s suggestion (and ended up with enough food for at least 100 adults and 50 kids).
      2. Ice cream:  Alexander will arrange along with the dry ice to keep it cold and coolers.
      3. We can get rectangular tables from the city to augment the round ones we rent (along with chairs).  Bob will get table cloths from Target.
      4. Bob will arrange for drinks and water (Arrowhead water bottles with paper cups).
      5. Alexander is also arranging for the PA system.
      6. We need to nail down raffle items by next Monday (June 22).  Gerry will update the forms for those who donate raffle items.  If we can’t find raffle tickets, Gerry (or someone) will pick them up at Staples.
      7. Jonathan will arrange for the bouncy house.  We need a permit for it; Gerry will talk to park personnel to cover this.
      8. Info Table:  We will have a membership table for check-in and to accept dues payment from those who haven’t paid yet.  James Rubin will get info on Neighborhood Watch.  Alex and Mike Gatto will have information on the traffic circle project.
      9. Entertainment:  Sack races and tug of war with prizes for all the kids.  Caroline will get the prizes.
      10. Gerry will stake out the location on Friday evening and will be back on Saturday morning to make sure we keep it.  Beginning at about 10 a.m., we need folks to assist with setup and then with breaking down after the picnic ends.  Let Bob know what you can do.
    7. Outreach:  We need to verify our database of addresses.  We need to walk the Oaks with our database searching for anomalies.  We also have some short streets on the west of Canyon that are in our territory but that are not in our database.  Bob will be contacting them.
    8. Community:
      1. There are about 7 Hollywood Hills Association signs around the neighborhood even though that group no longer exists.  We will leave them for now.
      2. Postal collection boxes:  Bob received a response from Diane Watson’s office but nothing from the USPS.  Watson’s response stated that the postal service removed the boxes because the volume of mail no longer  justified them.
      3. Green Oak questionnaire:  we have circulated and have received 6 or 7 completed ones.
    9. Security:  James reported that there is no new information regarding  the Cazaux Drive burglary.  James has informed LAPD about hot spots including  Live Oak, Spreading Oak, etc.  Holly reported two  others on Tuxedo and Wild Oak.  There is also more graffiti in the catch basin in Bronson Canyon Park.
    10. Griffith Park (Gerry):
      1. The city is holding a meeting on June 17 regarding off-trail bikers.
      2. The Autry expansion is going to the Board of Referred Powers to resolve conflicts within the city.  However, the project appears to be going forward.
      3. The city budget and its impact on parks—Parks Department is looking at a 20% drop in its budget.  10% is an across-the-board cut and the other 10% would result  from having to pay DWP for the water and power the parks use.  We approved sending a letter to the effect that DWP should not be charging the Park during the summer.

    Meeting ended about 9:15 p.m.
    Upcoming meetings:  July 21 and August 18.

    Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes
    Tuesday, May 19, 2009
    at Jonathan and Stacey-Ann Corob’s home.
    Present:  Bob Young, Caroline Schweich, Jonathan Corob, Alex von Wechmar, Gerry Hans, John Saurenman
    Meeting began about 7:15 p.m.

    1.  Minutes of April meeting approved.
    2. Treasurer’s Report:  Our closing balance as of May 19 was $20,814.46.  During the prior month, we had deposits of dues in the amount of $285.  Our major expenses were to pay Bob $914.22 to reimburse him for expenses for the 2008 holiday party and checks to Warren Printing for $864 and $540 for 2 event postcards and dues remittance envelopes.
    3. Newsletter
      1. Caroline is getting articles lined up.  The deadline for articles was May 25.
      2. Articles include:  Gerry describing what is going on regarding Griffith Park; James doing a crime report and a piece on safety and security tips (?); Caroline will do a write up on the new W Hotel which is supposed to include a Trader Joes.
      3. The newsletter will also have a notice for the picnic; a brush clearance reminder; and a short note on DWP’s new water rationing regulations.
      4. Caroline  is writing up Vermont night.
      5. John has already submitted a description of the March annual meeting.
      6. Caroline reported that she has commitments for at least 6 small ads and is working on several half page ads (@ $500 each).  After the meeting, she reported that the new Oaks Gourmet decided to place an ad in the newsletter of a different association.
      7. We discussed including dues envelopes in the newsletters delivered to members who have failed to pay their dues.  Gerry indicated that this would not be a difficult task.
    4. Summer Picnic scheduled for June 27 between 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
      1. As noted above, we will include a reminder in the newsletter.
      2. Sponsors:  Caroline reported that the Oaks Gourmet wants to sponsor in-kind, that is, by providing food.  We decided to ask the Oaks Gourmet to provide sufficient food for 100 adults, and Caroline subsequently reported that the store had agreed.  We will prepare food for the kids ourselves. 
      3. Tailwaggers is also interested in sponsoring.  Holly?
      4. We need raffle items.  Wine from Bob.  Items from sponsors?  From local stores?  We are working on this.
      5. We will arrange for the bouncy thing for the kids along with a generator for it.
      6. We will rent a public address system and go over the rental list (chairs and tables).
      7. Instead of providing small bottles of water, we will have several 5 gallon bottles of Arrowhead and provide paper cups. 
      8. Bob will send an email on general planning and assignments.
      9. We will have kids’ games such as 3-legged race with prizes.  We will contact the person from the Hollyhock House who does arts and crafts for kids and will have face painting.
    5. Community
      1. Cheremoya School:  Bob reported that he had told Scott Sangster that this is a long term project.  Scott agreed and said that he intended  to form a “Friends” of the school group that is independent of the neighborhood associations.  The Friends group would draw on the neighborhood associations for assistance and resources.  Bob suggested that Scott  articulate the goals of the group. 
      2. BelAir Security sign at Canyon and Spring Oak has disappeared.
      3. Gerry will research our database to determine our ability to verify addresses.
      4. Removal of postal collection boxes:  Bob sent his letter to the manager of the Hollywood Post Office, and copied Diane Watson’s office and the Postmaster General.  He received a response from the Congresswoman’s office indicating that they  would look into the matter. 
      5. Green Oak access:  John will recirculate the Declaration and Questionnaire and will bring extra copies to the picnic.
    6. Security
      1. Cazaux Drive burglary:  we have no additional information.
      2. Neighborhood Watch:  we agreed that we need to do further research into Neighborhood Watch as a means of keeping crime down.  Also, LAPD has a package of information on Neighborhood Watch.  We need a person to organize this effort, e.g., recruit street captains.  At the picnic, we will try to line up folks to serve as street captains.
    7. City Services
      1. We will have a board or a table at the picnic with FAQs on the traffic circle.
      2. The large signs that provided information on the sewer project are finally gone.
      3. We need to continue to nudge CD4 on street resurfacing.  Our list of particularly bad streets includes Hill Oak, Spreading Oak, Canyon Oak, Verde Oak and Cazaux Drive.
      4. 2326 Canyon:  the owners  lowered wall/fence to the 6 and a half feet the City authorized.
      5. 2510 Park Oak:  garage conversion project was not permitted.  They are now in negotiations with the City.
      6. 5745 Hill Oak:  the owners have installed an 8 foot high solid wooden fence without a permit.
      7. Alex reported that we have the tree that we are planting in front of Sylvia’s house.  He will arrange the planting for a time when we aren’t in a heat wave.
    8. Griffith Park
      1. Gerry reported that off-trail biking is a city-wide issue.  CD4 is opposed to allowing such biking in Griffith Park.
      2. A tagger painted graffiti on a wall near the playground equipment at the entrance to Bronson Park.  A neighbor painted over the graffiti which seems to be okay with the Department of Recreation and Parks.


    The meeting ended about 9:05 p.m.
    Next meeting will be June 16 at a location that remains to be determined.  Final planning for the picnic will be the major item on the agenda.

    Other Dates:  Summer Picnic, June 27;  board meetings on July 21 and August 18.

    The Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting
    April 20, 2009, Bob Young’s Home
    Present: Bob Young, Rainer Standke, Alex von Wechmar, Jonathan Corob, Caroline Schweich, Gerry Hans, John Saurenman
    Guests: Jinny Huang, Iftekhar Ahmed, Phil Peters, Scott Sangster

    The meeting began about 7:10 p.m.

    1. Minutes Approved

    2. Treasurer’s Report:
    Starting balance was $23,554. We deposited $1163 raised from Vermont Night and $345 in dues. We paid Warren Printing $2174 for the newsletter and several other small expenses. Closing balance was $22,857.

    3. Membership:
    We are still trying to clear up the sponsorships from the 2008 picnic.

    4. Jinny Huang and Iftekhar Ahmed, LA Dept. of Public Works: LA Zoo Parking Lot Project
    This is a project that is part of the Proposition O program to clean up storm water runoff. The city is proposing to use pervious pavement and bioswales to capture the runoff that now goes from the zoo parking lot into the LA River. By allowing seepage of storm water, they will be using the ground as a filter. They propose to use native plants in the bioswale. The city’s contractor is seeking input on items such as the types of plants and the colors of the features.

    5. Phil Peters, Post Patrol: Dedicated Car for the Oaks.
    Post has been doing dedicated cars in various neighborhoods for 15-20 years, and its experience is that a dedicated car reduces crime. The visible presence of a patrol car deters crime. The cost for a car dedicated to the Oaks 24 hours a day would be $17,000 per month. Post currently has about 20 clients in the Oaks. It would need to have about 350 clients at $50/month to pay for a 24 hour car. This assumes about a 40% participation rate. Post could also arrange for a car to be dedicated to the Oaks for fewer hours a day for less cost, e.g., $8500 for an 8 hour car. Post can respond to its clients’ homes in the Oaks within a couple of minutes because it has 24 hour cars in Beachwood and Los Feliz Estates. Peters said that Post has high caliber employees with low turnover. It uses polygraph examinations in its hiring process, and its pay scale is better than most other companies.

    6. Community
    a. Cheremoya School: Scott Sangster wanted to discuss with the board the fact that the residents of the hills have basically abandoned the school. His question was what our relationship with the school should be. Scott argued that we should take a strong interest in the school because it currently is spending our tax dollars without us utilizing its services and because the quality of our neighborhood school has a significant impact on property values. Scott feels that Cheremoya is essentially broken, ranking as it does in the bottom 20% of schools in the city. In terms of what to do, Scott has several ideas. There could be a co-charter school on the same site. Or we could develop an NGO to provide funding to the school. Or we could simply donate money and time to the school. Scott noted that any plan would need to have the support of the school personnel and of the parents. Bob suggested that Scott put together a 2-year plan that indicates what he might want us to do. It was also noted that the Beachwood Canyon neighborhood should be a part of the equation because it is closer to the school than we are.
    b. Oaks Boundaries: Bob raised the issue of whether areas south of Foothill and east of Canyon should be incorporated into the Oaks. After a discussion, no action was taken although we may discuss further with Scott Larson and Susan Swann.
    c. Welcome to the Oaks signs: Scott Sangster made a presentation on the benefits of signs welcoming folks to the Oaks. He noted that they don’t cost much, require little effort and are subject to little regulation. We tabled this item to our next meeting.
    d. BelAir Security sign at Canyon and Spring Oak: We agreed that we would like to have this sign removed.
    e. Address verification: tabled.
    f. Removal of USPS mail collection boxes: Bob has a new letter on this subject.
    g. Green Oaks Questionnaire: we will recirculate to the board members.

    7. Summer Picnic: Scheduled for June 27. We will devote much of the May meeting to planning for the picnic.

    8. Outreach
    a. Newsletter will go out June 1. Articles are due May 15. Among the articles will be ones addressing the zoo, Vermont Night, and a crime report.
    b. We voted to make a donation to AFI.
    c. Scott Larson’s crime watch: no action for now.

    9. City Services
    a. Traffic Circle: the traffic circle organization has not yet begun its large donor solicitation.
    b. Sewer Work Signs: the city has removed most of them. Gerry will send an email to the appropriate authorities seeking to have the last ones removed.
    c. Street repaving: Some of our streets are listed for work. We need to keep reminding CD 4 about this.
    d. 2326 Canyon Dr.: city will allow a 6.5 foot high fence at this property.
    e. 2510 Park Oak Dr.: city will allow a garage conversion but Building and Safety says that the new wall must be movable.

    10. Griffith Park
    a. Gerry will write a piece for the newsletter advocating that the Festival of Lights be 100% pedestrian.
    b. Gerry reported that mountain bikes are not permitted on the dirt trails in Griffith Park nor is off-trail riding permitted, per City Ordinance from about a decade ago.
    c. Gerry reported that groups are lobbying for the Bike Element of the City Transportation Plan to include areas for mountain biking in City Parks. This issue, however, was already decided, and should be under the direction of the Department of Recreation and Parks, anyway, as the City’s land manager of our parks. Gerry wants to write a letter opposing the ill-conceived public process which is occurring, and opposing the inclusion of such an element in the Transporatation Plan. Mountain biking is a recreational issue, not a transportation issue. Furthermore, it’s considered to be an extreme sport by many. He notes that CD 4 is opposed to biking on dirt trails in our City parks.

    Future meetings: May 19 and June 16 (venues TBD).

    Meeting adjourned about 9:45 p.m.

    Annual Meeting March 2009

    February 17, 2009
    Gerry Han’s Home

    Meeting began at about 7:10 P.M.

    Present: Bob Young, Rainer Standke, Caroline Schweich, Gerry Hans, Holly Purcell, Alex von Wechmar, John Saurenman
    Guest: Mike Gatto

    1. Minutes of January 20 meeting were approved.

    2. Treasurer’s report (Jonathan through Bob): Closing balance as of 12/31/08 was $19,604 and as of 2/15/09 it was $23, 554 (reflecting dues paid and proceeds of the silent auction at the Holiday Party).

    3. Membership
    a. We have received dues from about 110 homes. Bob will prepare a reminder letter to be sent to those who haven’t paid.
    b. Bob will prepare a letter of thanks to Prudential for sponsorship of last summer’s picnic.
    c. The new member packet is about ready to go out. We discussed adding advertisements to it from the vendors who advertise in the newsletter.

    4. Green Oak Drive access to park—the questionnaire is about done. A few corrections need to be made, and then folks can start distributing it.

    5. Outreach
    a. Annual Meeting now scheduled for March 16 at the AFI. Little Dom's will cater again this year. We are attempting to find someone to make a presentation on how to make homes more “green.” CD4 will be represented along with LAPD (meeting date changed to accommodate LAPD schedule). We will have flyers available on filming, crime watch, mailbox thefts, car thefts and leaf blowers. Tables with green information will be set up.
    b. Newsletter: May 10 is the next issue.
    c. Film office: Alex is composing piece to go on website.
    d. Vermont Night: Set for March 24.

    6. Traffic Circle: We adopted a resolution that the Traffic Circle nonprofit could be a subdomain of our web site at no cost. Mike reported that neighborhoods that present themselves well (e.g., nice traffic circle and signs identifying the area) tend to have lower crime. He also reported that $14,000 had been raised for the traffic circle. We need to get folks to proselytize friends and neighbors and generate contributions.

    7. Security
    a. Representatives of ADT attended to discuss the possibility of a dedicated car for the Oaks. Currently, ADT has 118 customers in the Oaks. 90 pay for simple patrol and 28 for armed response. For a car dedicated for 8 hours a day, ADT would need an additional $5000/month which translates to about 85 new customers at about $60/month each. We could adjust the boundaries of the Oaks to some extent in order to create a larger population of potential new customers. ADT noted that alarm calls (e.g., residential burglaries) come mostly in the daytime, and suspicious person calls come mostly at night. After ADT representatives left, we discussed and decided to talk to Post.
    b. James Rubin’s report:
    i. Los Feliz Estates has a 24-hour dedicated car. He thinks this is overkill.
    ii. Mail thefts and car thefts can be controlled through using locking mailboxes and by being careful not to leave valuables visible in cars. James has 2 files open with USPS regarding mail thefts.
    iii. Muggings and personal assaults are a major issue, but they are occurring closer to Franklin. SLO Shea has reported to James that LAPD has arrested the perpetrator of the daylight mugging that occurred near Tailwaggers.
    iv. Door-to-door solicitation seems to be increasing. It appears mostly to be a scam. Bob will work on a script people can use. James noted that such solicitors must have an LAPD charity card. Ask to see it.
    v. James noted that a lot of crimes don’t get reported. We need to work to be sure that mail and car thefts, etc., are reported.
    vi. Scott Larsen is creating an email network for crime events. We will advise Oaks residents on our email list and allow them to sign up with Scott. We will also put an article on the website.
    8. Spring Oak Problem House: Bob, Gerry and John are working to arrange a meeting between the victimized neighbors, the City Attorney’s Office, and board representatives. The deputy city attorney thinks there are things his office can do.

    9. City Services
    a. Cell sites: Alex reported that Sharon Shapiro is working on the graffiti on the AT&T above ground facility. Alex reported that he hadn’t heard from Verizon about its cell site, and he will call them.
    b. Sewer work signs: they seem to be proliferating. We will send CD4 an email asking that they be removed.
    c. Street paving: We still need to give CD4 a list of the worst streets. However, the city doesn’t have much money for such work.
    d. Tree planting to obscure cell site at Sylvia Jacobson’s house. Alex found a good evergreen. The board approved a resolution authorizing $300 to purchase and plant the tree.

    10. City Planning and Zoning
    a. We agreed to write a letter to Immaculate Heart opposing its plan to demolish the house at 1912 St. Andrews Place. Our letter would suggest alternative uses of the house. Bob sent the letter. Immaculate Heart demolished the house even though we, HUNC and others opposed.
    b. Over-height fence at 2326 Canyon: No decision yet from Zoning Administration hearing.
    c. Permanent hillside regulations outreach. Next meeting is March 2, and we will send an email blast to our membership asking them to express support.

    Meeting adjourned at 9:30 P.M.

    John Saurenman, Recording Secretary

    Oaks Homeowners Association Board Meeting, January 20, 2009

    Venue:  John Saurenman’s House; meeting began at 7:25 p.m.

    Board members present:  Bob Young, Alex von Wechmar, Jonathan Corob, Marilyn Johnson, Gerry Hans, James Rubin, Caroline Schweich, Holly Purcell, John Saurenman

    Guests:  Aaron Sosnick, Carla McMorran from Green Oak Drive

    • Adoption of minutes with the modification that at the prior meeting, the board authorized Gerry to send a letter to the Planning Department regarding Forest Lawn’s planned expansion.
    • Membership
      • Received about 55 or 60 dues payments.  Holly will collate.  Need to send pink reminder letter.
      • New member packet about ready.  Need to assemble and need to get about 1000 dues envelopes printed.  We also need to put together an update of useful telephone numbers.
      • No one has any more copies of Howard Cremin’s book beyond those identified in the agenda.


    • Green Oak Dr. easement: John has a draft questionnaire and declaration which he will clean up and circulate.  We will try to get as many folks as possible to complete it including residents and their children.  John explained that a declaration was preferable to videotaping statements because the declaration is under oath.  We would need to retain a deposition reporter to swear folks in order for a video tape to have the same weight.
    • Outreach
      • Raised about $600 from silent auction.  We need to organize a gift for Joan to recognize her preparation of all the food.
      • Newsletter:  Next one in May.  Caroline will collect the fees from advertisers.  We are going to attempt to standardize ads at a cost of $150 for ads.  We reversed a resolution from several meetings ago to raise the cost of ads to $175.  We need to find more advertisers.
      • Alex will give Rainer the information on the LA Film Office so that it can be included on the website. 
      • Once the Traffic Circle non-profit has created its website, we will include a link from our website to the Traffic Circle one.
      • Annual Meeting is scheduled for March 9.  Possible topics include the Traffic Circle, sewer project, a presentation about how to make a home green, security.  We also will plug Vermont night.  Approach Prizzi’s for a donation of food.
    • Traffic Circle:  The non-profit 501c3 has been formed.  It’s goal is to raise $110,000 to develop a traffic circle at the intersection of Bronson and Canyon.  It may also place signage at other entrances to the Oaks.
    • Security
      • Mail thefts:  A dirty white Toyota pickup with 2 males is involved.  James Rubin has been in touch with both the LAPD and USPS.  We may put something on the website and again in the newsletter.  We will mention this at the annual meeting.
      • People are continuing to take stuff from our recycle barrels. 
      • Armed robbery at Victor Square several weeks ago at about 5 p.m.  Hispanic male robbed at gunpoint a woman leaving Tailwaggers.  No arrest yet.
      • There are no new reports of car break ins.  The best way to avoid is to be sure not to leave anything valuable visible in car.
      • There have been muggings on Chula Vista and Tarmarind.  Some new street lighting has already gone in.
      • James raised the continuing lack of attention from BelAir Security.  We need to have a substantive discussion with its management.
    • Vermont Night:  Holly and Caroline will go to Vermont to arrange.  They are shooting for March 24.
    • Spring Oak Party House:  This is a long term problem.  Jan Harrison has extensive records of the police responding to shut down noisy parties.  The son has moved out, but the boarders are becoming a problem.  John will continue to try to coordinate with Officer Shea and with CD4.  James indicated that the house is underwater and that bank may soon own it.
    • City services
      • We need to compile a list of streets needing resurfacing.
      • We will investigate buying or otherwise obtaining a tree to plant next to the cell site at Sylvia Jacobson’s house.
    • City planning: 
      • On Jan. 6, 2009, the fourth meeting on the permanent hillside ordinance was held at Bob’s house.  They discussed side yard setbacks, height, steep slopes and massing.  Massing is a big issue.  Floor area ratios (FAR) will be similar to interim ordinance although the ratios will be developed to apply to larger lots.
      • No city action on application for variance for overheight fence at 2326 Canyon.
    • Griffith Park
      • Forest Lawn:  Draft EIR will be out soon.  Gerry sent a letter on our behalf raising issues the EIR should consider.
      • Master Plan working group will reconvene in early Feb.
      • Historical and Cultural Designation:  Passed the PLUM Committee and is going to City Council.  Griffith agreed to last minute amendment to drop the Autry from the area that the designation would cover.  With that modification, the City Council approved the designation on Jan. 27.
     Find out how to contact the board members here.
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